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We actually took Queen Gulch Rd up to Leslie lake, and on up. Very Strenuous, wide road, but rocky with lose footing. Not much switchback. Mostly steep incline! About an 8+ mi hike. About 5 hrs total with many breaks as we had a 76 yr old with us. Beautiful views!!! We loved the old abandoned mining town Elkorn before we got up to the trailhead. Looks like some people still live there, but not many. Definitely takes you back in time!! I highly recommend any of these trails.

Majestic forests with bright colored leaves carpeting the Tim Burton type curling grey trees.
Cute quaint little cabin about mid-way up with an old wooden tree swing to sit and rest and enjoy the sights.
Very challenging peak. Very large boulder field to the tippity top.
The view is well worth the climb.

Great training mission, went with Dr Dave, a slightly younger, stronger friend, made the mistake of letting him lead!? Ya he put the hurting on me. I'm thinking we could have taken 4 hours instead of 3 and been comfortable. The last 500 feet was all head for me,Dave cruised it. Beautiful sunny day, but very cold with 30 mile gusts above tree line. Funny how much easier it was coming down, and much faster as well. PS I will be 69 in 2 weeks

Geocache box at Elkhorn peak was getting full, so friends and I hiked up to the peak with a larger box and then transferred everything over, took the old smaller box over to Crow peak and left it there since the box on crow peak was way too small for what was in it. Great hike, glad to check Crow Peak off my list. For those hiking to Elkhorn and wondering if Crow peak is worth the effort, it absolutely is! Just make sure you don't do so late in the year like us, it took us 2 hours to get between Elkhorn and Crow, and another 2 hours back because the rocks that are already so treacherous to climb were also rimed with frost and loose snow. Not a good combination, took alot of nasty falls. Came out with nothing broken, but would not try again this late in the year.

My wife and I summited Elkhorn peak on 10/12/15. The easiest way to get up to Elkhorn is to take an ATV from the town of Elkhorn for 3.5 mile up the iron mine road (aka Diego Town Road, aka Muskrat Creek). From there it's about .8 miles with an 800 foot elevation gain travelling SE to the summit. Unless there's a tree across the trail at the 2 mile mark...which there was. So we had 2.5 miles to the top with 2000 foot elevation gain. That took us about 2 hours to the peak. The last 300 vertical is rock scrambling. The views are phenomenal. There's an ammo can with a log book and someone even left a pair of binoculars in the can so you can enjoy the views. We stayed about 5 minutes because the wind was howling and we had dropped our packs at the bottom of the rocks so we could make a quick ascent to the 9381' peak. You can go all the way to the end of the main road and head up, or you can turn on a well defined trail as the elevation flattens. This takes you to a locked gate that allows non-motorized use, goes by a recreation cabin and the trail is well defined until you hit treeline. From there you can see the peak so just keep going up.

Went a few days ago,without the dog this time, and made it to the top of the peak. Signed the log book and added some stuff to the geocache box. Didn't bring my camera which is unfortunate because the views from the top of the peak is beyond exhilarating. Able to see Helena Valley, Townsend Valley, Whitehall Valley and the Elk park area near Butte. You have a completely breathtaking view of every mountain range within 100 miles. Enjoyed lunch and a celebratory beer atop the peak before heading down. Plan on doing it again with the camera.

Hiked the trail again and finally made it to the peaks. Was a beautiful hike, and made it to the base of the peaks with the dog in about 3 hours. Both the dog and I attempted to ascend the last few hundred yards up to the peak, but were defeated by rocks repeatedly rolling under our feet, so we turned back in the interest of not having broken ankles. Glad to be able to check this one off finally, I've hiked it a few times but had never made it to the peaks.

Just a word of advice to those hiking up here, hike slowly and give yourself time to acclimate once you get near the peaks. My hike down was pretty miserable due to altitude sickness, having to stop numerous times to catch my breath, puke, or sit down till I stopped being shaky.

Beautiful hike and I enjoyed the drive out there. The ghost town is fun to check out. The hike is strenuous and the terrain is rocky, but so worth it! I would recommend poles for sure and good tread! The views are amazing..it's not busy with people and you'll feel like you really accomplished something when your done!

An awesome hike to make a day out of! Just make sure to go late in the season, or you will encounter snow. I took the hike on July 26th, and still hit patches of snow after the 3 mile mark. The trailhead starts out above the ghost town of Elkhorn, where you can explore the old buildings like the saloon and fraternity hall either before your hike or after. Keep an eye out for wildlife, as I saw an abundance of whitetail deer, some furtive elk, and some grouse on my hike. This hike is strenuous, as it is about 3.5 miles of steeply inclined hiking to the" base" of Elkhorn Peak, where you have another .5 mile scramble up a rock/scree slope to the top. From here you can hike the ridge saddle to nearby Crow Peak, not sure of distance between peaks. When I took the hike, I opted to skip the last section to the peak, as my legs were already burning. There are plenty of spots along the trail to stop for a drink and a breath(I know, I stopped often), but you do need to bring your own water as I saw one tiny creek the whole hike up. After hiking back down, I opted to take some time to enjoy the wildflowers, and explore the abandoned buildings. I also hiked over to the cemetary, which is a mile or so in the opposite direction of the trailhead, and worth a look if you have the time and energy. I plan on doing the hike again this summer, and hope to have the energy to make it to the peak this year.

Tough Terrain!! Not Many Brave To Scale The Ridge!!