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trail locations for Montana

Great open trails for dog walking, hiking, and biking.

Beautiful hike, pretty easy to do.

Beautiful hike. Made it almost all the way up until we saw fresh bear tracks going along the trail, so we decided to turn around because we had no way to protect ourselves.

Nothing too awe inspiring but a great place to let the pup run around and enough crisscrossing trails to keep you entertained, spent about 2 hours there and had a great time.

4 days ago

So many dogs! Hiked when it was very windy but was nice. We took the .5 harder trail and it was beautiful the whole way up but pretty difficult.

Hiked on an overcast mid-October Sunday with the 9yr old kiddo and the pooch. It was beautiful.

4 days ago

Me and my wife took our daughter there and it was beautiful nice easy hike a lot of fun will definitely be doing it again

Nice early fall hike with my dog. A couple of very loud dirt bikes that upset the serene setting and scared my pup. other than that it's a great hike. Bring the beat spray. A black bear ran across the path up ahead of me on my way down.

6 days ago

For more information go to http://thetrail.org/ or the Face Book page.
The official start of the trail is in Broadwater Bay park but, it can be accessed in many places.
There are even a few hotels along the river and the trail goes by them so, it can be a great place to unwind at the end of the day.
A lot of the trail is paved but, on the East end past Rainbow Falls it turns to dirt and is a great place to mountain bike. Take water and snacks as there are no facilities once you go past Giant Springs Park.
On the West side there is a nice view of Great Falls from West Bank part.
This is a wonderful trail to walk or bike

6 days ago

Great hike and good place to take a dog! Did the 2.6 mile overlook trail of Skyles Lake! Great views and nice trails!

7 days ago

Trail to the top is actually only 7 miles out and back. There are some other paths once you reach the mountain lake, but that is where the main trail ends.

Hiked it in the middle of October with no problems. A dusting of snow here and there, but nothing to slow you down. View at the top is totally worth it. Saw plenty of bear droppings so make sure to hike with bear spray at least.

Late in the season so we had to be very bear conscious, but the top was incredible. Hard hike!

Once you locate the start of the actual Trail it is a nice gradual climb with plenty of switchback. Hikes it with a friend on 10-9-2016. It is worth the Terrain and I will return. I did leave a Token of Gratitude for all the beauty this has to offer. Would recommend to not being children due to the stop off at the Trails end. Allow plenty of time to enjoy the Beauty.

9 days ago

9 days ago

The trail wasnt quite clear on where to go.

horseback riding
10 days ago

Rode this trail with Jake's Horses, a great outfit for trail rides