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trail locations for Montana
6 hours ago

This is a easy hike that takes you back into a Majestic Valley. The valley surrounds you in beautiful colours, the green and red rock, yellow wild flowers, emerald meadows, and blue creeks and lake water. My pictures don't do this hike justice. The hike starts on broadwalk than onto a well groomed paths to a lookout point over looking Hidden Lake. We hike this early July and most of the boardwalks were covered by snow. There is a longer hike to the lake but closed this day due to Bear activity

18 hours ago

We hiked from Many up through the pass to the Sy Bend. Beware the vast majority of the ascent is in the 2 or 3 miles just before the pass itself. Also, make the short side trip to Grinnell Lake.

18 hours ago

Relatively easy 10 miler R/T hike to one of the most awesome lakes perhaps anywhere.

Spend 4 days hiking the GNP back country. We hiked from the Granite Park Campground down to many. This was my favorite hike in the park.

23 hours ago

on North Kootenai Lake

1 day ago

Easy trail, great scenery and fishing was great after the first 4 miles.

We actually took Queen Gulch Rd up to Leslie lake, and on up. Very Strenuous, wide road, but rocky with lose footing. Not much switchback. Mostly steep incline! About an 8+ mi hike. About 5 hrs total with many breaks as we had a 76 yr old with us. Beautiful views!!!

We took my 76-year-old father on this hike. Mind you... He thinks he's still in his 20's. We had read another review rating this moderate. I would rate it as hard. The hike to the base of the pass was moderate. Lots of switchback all the way to the peak. It becomes difficult from the base up. The path narrows, and is sometimes difficult to know which way. The path veers in many ways... Some more difficult than others. Lots of lose rock and Steep! I would definitely recommend hiking boots and a trecking stick. I rate this as difficult due to the path narrowing, lose rock and steepness. Just take your time and enjoy. We had 60+ mph winds once we hit the pass.... Which added to the difficulty. It was a total of almost 8 mi and took us 5hrs.... Taking our time. Great hike with beautiful views.

very worth it. My favorite hike in the bitteroot.

It's the best park by far with spectacular trails and breathtaking views! Depending on the time of year you can see all types of wildlife such as grizzly and black bears. deer, elk, moose to name a few. Highly recommend!

3 days ago

Great views. Not hard at all.

Man Lake is a must do amongst Yellowstones great hikes. Remote, scenic, breathtaking. Go before mid September when the weather her will challenge you.

scenic driving
3 days ago

Amazing ride from begging till finnish

Great hike. A few different routes to take on the way up, and had taken a couple different ones during a morning trek. Highly recommend if you're in the area.

Awesome! Definitely worth time

4 days ago

4 days ago

Not for beginner hikers. We left late in the day and turned back at 1.25 miles. Was demanding, beautiful, and isolated. I will return to complete this hike. Spectacular scenery.

If you avoid the stairs at work, you should NOT get on this trail. Requires moderate fitness level but is very pretty. It is definitely worth the effort to make it to both lakes--I had a small snack at the first lake and took a little siesta at the upper lake, very serene and beautiful. Wear good hiking shoes because the trail can be gravelly, making it a little treacherous on the way down. Trail is very narrow against the mountainside in places. I saw a moose cow and her calf on the way down which was awesome!!