trail locations for Branson, Missouri

This is a very good in and out completely paved path winding around the lake down to the marina. 5 miles or so total.

Good, well-kept trail but I expected better views.

Great trail to do on the fly with kids. Connected to other trails that offer more of a challenge.

lots of shade and beautiful views.

Very nice and interesting trail system that is much quieter than expected. We basically followed AllTrails dashed lines which includes all of Bluff, Bent Tree and Owen Drive trails and part of South Loop and smaller part of Ridgetop. What is not shown on AllTrails is most of the 1.3 mile Ridgetop trail, the other half of South Loop, and none of the .4 mile Stone Wall trail (which I was informed is chigger infested). To find out more, go here
for trail info and here http://www.bransonparksandrecreation.com/files/
for map and some info. As a note, the Owen home burnt in September of 2015 after much volunteer renovations were completed, the stone walls were removed, and just 2 stone pillars remain along with a few out buildings. Very unfortunate.

This is a pretty easy to moderate hike. The creek was dried up so that was disappointing but overall a descent outing. It is easy access for camping especially with kids.

Nice close and convenient multi level trail. Some easy and some challenging. Pleasant views and many birds and other wildlife.

mountain biking
23 days ago

We rode mountain bikes for the entire trail system which totaled about 12 miles. We started on the red trail and just kept taking lefts every time the trail forked. It was a great trail system. Good mix of climbs, downhills, and technical sections. The added bonus was the pretty scenery of the Branson hills. We will definitely be coming back!

Best hike in the Springfield Branson area so far. Great Lake, homestead, small winding trails through woods, caves, etc

Good trail. Do not believe the sign that says the red loop is 2.5 miles. It's longer than that. Closer to 3.2. My kids liked it, but started complaining towards the last 1/4 mile that it was too long. But other than that it was good. Also the trailhead is not where the indicated pin is on the app. It's further down the road. Look for the signs that say trailhead.

good hike. few trails that go in all directions and loop back around. the waterfall is only seen during or right after a storm. plenty of places for a picnic or just to relax and enjoy nature

1 month ago

1 month ago

loved all the loops in the orange loop a primitive cabin and root cellar. great views. good climbs. I have mountain biked these as well. a little challenging as the trails are not well maintained. be prepared to hike bike in a few places if your not a advanced rider.

on White River Trail

mountain biking
1 month ago

rocky lots of switchbacks and great challenges. strong hills. rated difficult by the park of the 4 connecting trails. also known as the red loop. I've hiked it as well great hike.