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trail locations for Missouri
road biking
3 days ago

Beautiful blue water natural running spring around 81,000,000 gallons per day flows out of that spring. There's an old red Mill which was built in 1893

3 days ago

on Bethany Falls Trail

3 days ago

Great biking trail - not the best for hiking... all paved, but the new river front section is amazing.

This is a great place to explore and see a variety of plant life. If you're into prairies then this is your best bet in the 4-state area, especially because you can also see bison grazing throughout the park. There are some areas with trees and hills that make the hike worth it.

I thought it was a nice touch to have a trail on the other side of an electric fence. Just be sure to be careful and read directions if you're not familiar with it.

The best part is the bison. Go check out the visitor center and see the location of the herd!

Nice short trail that takes you from one end of the hatchery to the other. Once you get up all the stone steps it will take you over the cave and to a look out spot where you have a great view of the hatchery and Ozark hills. Very pretty in the Fall!

Great Trail! Beautiful in the Fall. Not too long, not too short. Has some really cool rocks to climb around on. I like to get to the top of one and just sit and take it all in.

4 days ago

This Trail is beautiful in the Fall. If you start from the hatchery do not stop at the fire tower, which isn't worth going up, it has no spectacular view from the top. If you continue on you will come to an open area, there is a sign that says glade restoration, that has a great view of surrounding hills. Keep going! You will eventually cross a highway and the trail will start following part of the river where you and your dog can get in and cool off. It's a pretty long hike so make sure you take some water and snacks!

It was a great ride. I took about 4-5 breaks to look around and drink water. Total ride time was 1hr 27mins. 11miles total because I missed a turn and ended up on Hamburg trail.

It does cost a little bit, but extremely beautiful place! And loved seeing the treehouse built by Pete Nelson and the treehouse masters team!

Really amazing trail with a lot of variety in the landscapes! Easily one of my favorite hikes I've done

Could not have asked for a better day. Hike was great. We did the Clark trail. Will probably do the Lewis trail in the spring!

Lots of mountain bikers when we went. Made hiking a little tough. Beautiful lake!!

Awesome trail. Go after a rain and you will see many neat waterfalls.

Biking trail circles an old farm field and can flood from time to time. Actually are two "hiking" trails that take you through the woods, with nice views of Mississippi on the trail closest to train tracks.