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1 day ago

This is my workout every morning with my faithful companion, Chester. Plenty of peaks and valleys to get your heart pumping - can easily be done in 45 minutes at a fairly steady pace. Lots of beautiful sites and wildlife scurrying around. The oxbow slough is my absolute favorite area of this trail - just beautiful. In the spring, the East side of the trail smells delightful thanks to a nice stand of Ohio Buckeyes. A well maintained trail - my husband and I volunteer our time to help maintain it. Tack on the Spice Bush Trail and you have a solid 5K hike/walk/run. This is Missouri, so fair warning, if you are running keep your eyes cast down for the rocky areas. :)

Very beautiful area - needs better signage but overall was a great hike

2 days ago

Nice Trail, It could be Marked Better. 11/30/16 WED. 8 am. 40 Degrees and Seen 1 Person on the Trail.

I have a little dog, so the whole 8 mile loop is too long for us. However, it worked out perfectly! We walked about 1.5 miles from the parking lot to the cliff of the river/scenic lookout and turned around for a mini 3 mile loop. It was perfect length and we got to see the great river view! Lookout for some tall roots.

Real unique area. Unworldly blue.

Cool trail. No one else was there the day I was there.

Great easy trail

Very well marked trail! I gps'ed it to be closer to 11 than 10 miles. They last 1/4 mile six wild boar run across the trail about 50 yards in front of us! A site to see but could have turned ugly had we been closer !

4 days ago

Hike this trail in the fall or spring when the leaves are off the trees. Also, when you get to Turkey Creek, KEEP GOING up the river to Millstream Gardens. You have spectacular views of the river between turkey creek and Millstream gardens when the leaves are off the trees. Just a awesome hime if you hike it at the right time of year.

Great trail

Nice trail, great view at the top. Two sections with fairly strenuous inclines. Would hike again

Nice trail...got off course and found myself on the Roller Coaster trail which made a 2.7 mile hike a 4 mile hike. Some good hills, single track, packed dirt and rocks, lots of roots.

Solid trail, well marked. I always try and get 2-3 legs in of this trail when I go to KC every few months.

good hike. well marked.

The first part of the trail is super-easy unless you decide to climb on some of the gorgeous bluffs and rock formations along the trail, an act explicitly and strictly forbidden by the signs. Therefore, we did not touch the bluff with the cave, where the signs were, but we did ascend a very small offshoot in front of one of the formations to find the perfect spot for an ambush, should one ever seek to become a bandit. The last formation before the washed-out bridge was covered with a gaggle of ten children, so we slid past that one as quickly as possible.

If you're looking to avoid hills, however, you should definitely turn back at the site of the ex-bridge or face immediate disappointment. The ascent begins immediately after; while not overwhelming, it was certainly strenuous enough to make this old woman pant a bit.

I can't comment much on the rest of the scenery at this time, because it was late dusk while we finished the trail and the light was dim. What we could see was interesting enough for us to mark this hike for a return trip so that we could get some decent pictures.

All in all, a very nice hike, and more enjoyable than I would usually expect from a paved trail.

fun little hike. nothing to difficult except for figuring out what trail your on.

6 days ago

We come here often and clearly love it. I highly recommend!