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The trail was overgrown in most areas. The trail also just stops without warning and I found myself trailblazing through the woods. Which isn't a bad time, but it wasn't the fun that I was wanting to have. If you run across the damn there are some four wheeler trails you can run on through the woods, but those aren't very good either and are pretty overgrown. Overall the woods are beautiful, but the trails don't seem to have been maintained at all in years and years.

Very well marked, cleared path. Not terribly scenic from where I started at Hwy 49, but I suspect the terrain improved further along. I was only able to go part of the way as my canine companion is elderly, but I found it enjoyable. Despite the recent rains, the path was dry, with some swampy areas on either side.

6 days ago

Enjoyable. Part of trail is along the street (Booo!), but remainder of trail was through wooded areas and pleasant. I liked that the bayou overlook was on a wooden platform so I was elevated and the view was good.

Nice little 2 day trip. Launched the canoes at Moody's Landing and finished at Cypress Creek Landing about 16 miles down. Camped about a mile north of Janice Landing on a great sandbar after seeing a deer cross the creek and climb the ledge up the opposite side. Water level was at roughly 5.5 feet, which kept us from having to do any walking or lifting the canoes over logs.

Had a great time

Make sure you check to see if it's Hunting season before you venture in this area!

Great trial for me well marked and easy to follow there is a lot of nice views and streams u cross

13 days ago

Well marked, nice peaceful easy walk. be prepared to get your shoes wet. There was many low wet spots.

20 days ago

We made a trip to hike the Clear Springs trails but a few signs said the trails were closed. We ended up hiking the Lake trail, only about a mile long. It's a nice little walk around the lake. After we hiked the lake trail we chose to deviate from the trails, since the area is small enough and getting lost would be hard to do, so we followed "Richardson Creek" for about half a mile. That made the trip a lot more interesting to us.
Our experience was ok, it would have been a lot nicer if the owner of a large Boxer would have kept his dog on a leash. While on the Lake trail his large dog charged us from behind with the intent to attack, had I not turned around sooner it would have been an awful day.
Note to fellow hikers, if this dog would have been a few feet closer it would have been a deadly day for the dog. In the woods I don't play around with a strange(rs) dog, I will defend myself with deadly force.

This is a great short trail. Roughly 50ft per mile worth of climbing and well marked. There are educational signs and boards. So nice just for a time crunch outdoor activity with a few geocache to add as a bonus too.

Dog friendly and easy well marked trails, be sure to stop in the visitors center very helpful and informative. Wonderful program for children, can't wait to bring my grandson.

Fun trail! A few steep inclines and downhills made for a better challenge which is hard to find around this area. Only saw a few people and dogs :)

Not bad. The trail is run down in a few areas. Definitely a challenge.