trail locations for Mankato, Minnesota

Sweet waterfall, pretty area, trails are short

mountain biking
2 months ago

Long paved trail worth the total ride.

Short trails with tons of mosquitoes

5 months ago

Short trails. Eh.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

road biking
1 year ago

Quality trail. Can be busy sometimes.

on Red Jacket Trail

2 years ago

Good paved trail in Mankato, have walked from YMCA to past Mt. Kato. Dog friendly

mountain biking
5 years ago

When you arrive you have to pay a fee to ride the trails, but it's worth it. This trail is very technical. It has the perfect mix of technical and climbing areas. It would be a great track for a rider who has experience riding in technical difficult trails.

mountain biking
5 years ago

Great wooded trails along a viewable hill just south of Mankato, Minnesota. I rode the trails there, as well as the nearby Red Jacket Trail, quite often when I lived in Minnesota. The trails are accessible through the ski area, and you will need a permit from their ticket office to ride the trails. Definitely a great place to ride. Some weekends will be crowded, due to the local college students from Mankato State University.