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trail locations for Minnesota
3 days ago

One long path that looped. And several paths crossing in the middle. The long main path was an easy flat grass surface and the mini paths were more challenging with rocks and more ups and downs. I loved it! I felt very secluded from the busy cars and daily life. Bug bites! Brig spray no matter what season.

3 days ago

Did a partial weekend trip up to little shell with 3 hikers, Myselff with good experience, one with quite a few trips, one with minimal backpacking but much canoe experience. Bring a map and compass and know how to use them as this a a relatively primitive trail. Get a good DNR map NOT the printable ones online. Watch for rock cairns and sawn trees. These are the ONLY markers. Comparing this to the SHT, it is much more "out there" meaning you are litterally in the the bush with, at some points, a very tight trail that can be easily lost. With that said it has been my favorite backpacking trail I have done, definately will be back to do the full. Note that the campsite along the first portage is impassable due to the portage being flooded 1/2 through, unless you like wading 4' water/

I recommend hiking around Pike Island once you get below the visitor's center. I park off of Hwy 55 at the meters if I can't find a free spot. Then I walk down the shared paved trail that both bikers and walkers use. Loop around Pike Island and back to the car is about 16-18,000 steps and it takes about 2.5 hrs. Very nice wooded area in the city! If you have a dog keep them leashed because I saw a rattler snake recently and heard a second one. Besides it is the law.

nice paved trail for walking or biking. further north past bunker blvd is a trail great for if you want to get off the paved trail..

Quintessential urban walk. Beautiful homes along the lakes, and especially on Lake of the Isles. Dog friendly, but keep 'em leashed. Walkers can choose to walk one, two, or three of the lakes (2.5 miles - up).

Nice and secluded in most areas. Feel-good foothills and beautiful scenery around you. Dog and baby both enjoyed. Highly recommend for a city walk/hike.