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trail locations for Michigan

Cascade Peace Park, a perfect name, this place is peaceful. It's a beautiful wooded hiking trail. There are benches every so often and thank goodness lots of 'You are here' signs. We saw a deer and squirrels. There were some trees down across the path but otherwise the trails seem well maintained.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Really nice MTB trails. Good for beginner/intermediate. Lots of fun!

3 days ago

13 miles on the Big M today. lovely well marked trail... we did 1-9 to 32 down to 29, across the NCT and back to 23 and then home to 4,3,2,1

3 days ago

This trail is great! Lots of inclines and declines but all are easy to maneuver. Very cool part of Lansing that you would never know existed

My husband and I hiked this trail today. We were there about an hour and a half and could have stayed hours longer. It was beautiful, a feast for the senses. We can't wait to come back.

sea kayaking
3 days ago

Considered an easy paddle if the conditions are quite. Port Austin Kayak is an awesome choice to rent and embark from. For more tips go to https://thumbwind.com/2016/08/12/paddle-turnip-rock-5-things-to-know/

5 days ago

Much further and difficult than it looks, but great exercise and amazing beach/view at the end! Didn't wear shoes for the whole thing!

Enjoyable walk

Beautiful views

Rocks were amazing, scenery was beautiful

5 days ago

Really great walk around the lake, with optional offshoot trails.

If you get off the trail and walk, climb the rocks at the river's edge it's fantastic! Great photo ops too

6 days ago

Unmatched beauty. My only regret is living so far away.

Very user-friendly. Not too difficult of a walk/hike. Very well marked.

Great, easy trail. Very enjoyable. Thanks to all who preserve and share it with others.

6 days ago

A great trail with some nice lookout points to Lake Michigan and Glen Lake. Lots of connected loops allow you to choose your own version of the trail. The scenery was drastically changed by the violent storm in August 2015.. many wooded areas were flattened by tornado-like winds. It'll never be the same but still worth visiting!