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trail locations for Worcester, Massachusetts
11 days ago

Ok trails. Not much to see.

17 days ago

1 month ago

The trails were pretty. I didn't really find the "lake" mentioned in the description, but I did not go down all trails. The low rating is due to the very large amount of broken glass on some of the main trails- so much that it couldn't be easily avoided. I went on the trails with my two dogs and found myself panicking when I realized we were surrounded by broken glass... Otherwise, the trails are obvious, well marked, nicely labeled, the scenery is beautiful and the location/parking is super convenient! I just would be careful with dogs- be super vigilant or put some dog boots on them.

This hike is a decent length for children. There are some steep climbs. Overall it is a rocky hike. I would not suggest jogging or running it. The waterfall was dry in August.

The hike was not very challenging. It should be rated "easy". The trail marked very well. There appeared to once be a water fall along the trail, but it has since dried out.
I can see why people have not posted pictures for this trail.... Because there is not much to post about

Well kept, nicely marked trails!

Great place for handicap accessibility boardwalks, blind rope tour at the beginning. Then it gets woodsy. Great visuals and an easy nature walk.

Had a great day. With multiple levels of trails and a great range of distance.

5 months ago

Since I live locally this is the easiest trail to my house. Cons: The parking is behind the Stop and Shop on Grafton Street, tends to be an area with local kids drink and hang out in their cars. Also not a lot of trail options, I tend to do 2-3 loops and hit all the small trails in the center or go on "Closed Trails" that go by the railroad tracks. Pros: 1/4 mile from my house and the trails are quiet for being in such a populated area.

trail running
5 months ago

Nice little trail run with good elevation gain. Meadow trail opens up into clearing on the top.

Amazing views of wildlife and beautiful secluded hiking trails.

6 months ago

Excellent sensory trail to take kids too.