nice wide flat trail. peaceful.

A great place for a quick day hike. A lot of flat trails with a mix of a few moderate paths such as the Stone Wall Path. I didnt hit up the ice cream shop but will do so on my next visit.The trails are a little confusing at first, but just make sure you have a map and a compass and you're golden.

There is ample parking for $2. Just pay at the main lot then head over to the smaller sized ones if you would like. A lot dogs which is a okay for me. It is always a great feeling hiking past a happy dog. Oh yeah! Watch out for horse droppings@ lol

A great hike angry highly recommend it.

Beautiful trails, my boyfriend and i were given bird seed by a little girl and her family, i had never fed birds out of my hand before, but you just sit on the boardwalk path seeds in your hand outstreched and those birds come right to you...amazing experience!!

Beautiful spot, very quiet and off the grid. Hike with my dog for 3 hours and only saw 6 people, 4 horses. I prefer more narrow trails but the scenery and peacefulness made up for the wide, dirt path.

The well marked trails were a good workout. We did a 5 mile loop which of course took in the summit. My favorite time for hiking is in the fall when the foliage is in full color. I enjoy the peace and solitude of the trails and the scenic overlooks. Today, the trails were like Interstate 95 at rush hour. At times you had to wait on the side as lines of hikers past you coming from the opposite direction. The summit was disappointing as it was overcast and very hazy. Good scenic pics were out of the question. The crowds there also detracted from the moment. I think the bottom line is that the best time to hike this Mountain would be any day during the week if you want solitude. I will do this hike again someday (during the week) as there are many more trails I want to explore.

nice short trail with good views!

Easy trails. Nice views. Intersects bike trail for a little bit. All in all, good place for any skill level.

Very cool trail! Beautiful scenery. Can be a little confusing so pay attention to your surroundings. The train tracks are also very busy close by which can be very noisy but over all great location.

7 days ago

so i love this trail...except for the fact that the last 2 times i've been the maintenance is nonexistent; completely overgrown. if i had known i would've brought some clippers or's hard to run because i have to dodge branches.

i recommend going in early spring to avoid the over grown summer leaves and stuff

love this place! gorgeous in the autumn and long enough to be able to run or walk it. a lot of friendly dogs and a cool look out tower. this place is a hidden gem

Awesome trails, enjoy the nature.... beautiful view on the top of the summit. ✨

on Pine Cobble Trail

11 days ago

steep at parts, but good hike.