Could not access the trail due to construction. Does anyone know a different way?

Great views!

took our 3 year old daughter here this afternoon. it's perfect. very easy to hike. great for young children, safe bridges, open trails, nothing steep, not many jagged roots or rocks or ledges. amazing and beautiful woodland hike!

it wasn't what I expected. It's very pretty but there wasn't much to this trail.

Easy walk and numerous trails, with many different enterance points. Very nice walk in spring or fall. During the summer months there is lots of folliage and insects.

really loved this beautiful walk. Found the old Powder House ...also did a little geocaching! fun walk for sure.

8 days ago

I decided to follow the hiker's map and it was a very bad idea. Most of the time I was searching for the trail and a 5.3 mile "loop" turned into an 8 mile fiasco with a dangerous section walking along the railroad track and no clear trail near it. Dogtown itself is interesting but the trails really do stop all the time at which point you have to cut through some hairy parts of the woods.

The trails were pretty. I didn't really find the "lake" mentioned in the description, but I did not go down all trails. The low rating is due to the very large amount of broken glass on some of the main trails- so much that it couldn't be easily avoided. I went on the trails with my two dogs and found myself panicking when I realized we were surrounded by broken glass... Otherwise, the trails are obvious, well marked, nicely labeled, the scenery is beautiful and the location/parking is super convenient! I just would be careful with dogs- be super vigilant or put some dog boots on them.

Easy hike to the resevoir, however, I had a local guide --which was helpful because the trail splits several times before reaching the water. My 7 and 8 year old loved it.

Great day hike with spectacular views at the top. Convenient parking.

Different trails along with some history.

Did this trail at the beginning of July. Very buggy. We veered off the loop trail.

9 days ago

We did this several times in May and June. Looking forward to going back when the leaves start to change.

Well kept trail.

View at the top of the tower is very nice.

grew up on this trail... inspired my A.T. thru hike

10 days ago

just found out about this trail the other day great easy trail. Driven past many times wished I'd known about it.