trail locations for Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Easy hike to the resevoir, however, I had a local guide --which was helpful because the trail splits several times before reaching the water. My 7 and 8 year old loved it.

1 month ago

Good hike, clear path well marked, good for dogs. Go for a hike!

my daughters first hike 5 miles at 5 years old she loved it.

I was looking for something a bit more challenging but overall a good walk, easy for kids and nice sights!

solid hike for a Sunday with the baby.

9 months ago

Great 1st hike for 2016. Short but sweet. Little rocky and wet for my 71 yr old mom and small Yorkie but they were troopers and did well. We did go off trail by accident but "All Trails GPS app" was helpful. Glad past hikers noted that the gun range was close by because there was a lot of gun fire and would have been concerned.

Completed the Red Loop yesterday 12/26/15. Very nice hike of approximately 2.3 miles including the small mini loop off the main loop. This trail is dog friendly so we were able to take our dog and she also gives the trail a 4 star rating. The mill site was cool. Some wet area due to recent rain but nothing too bad. Overall flat terrain. We did not have time to explore the reservoir - maybe next time. I found the trail map by Googling the Dartmouth Land Trust and clicking on the link for this trail. They also had maps at the trail head kiosk.

1 year ago

I loved this dayhike. I took a couple youth along with me for the first time here and they loved it as well. We did the Red Trail but are looking forard to finishing the trails soon. We visited the amazing little beach area although it is beautiful, it's obviously used by other at night for partying as there are a couple old fire circles with beer cans and glass in the sand (be careful if barefoot) too bad some people have to ruin it... but it is an amzaing site, especially to hike out to, have a lunch and hike back. We did 3 miles with ease. You will hear the gun range which is just southwest of the trails. Just a bit of history on this the Copicut Reservoir, it was a old granite quarry which was filled in in late 70's and converted to the Reserve for the main Fall River Drinking reservior)

Nice winding Trail beautifully maintained

mountain biking
1 year ago

If you have a GPS with you and don't mind adventuring great area.

Ridge Hill is perfect if you want a nature walk that gives you a workout or a peaceful hike. The red trail is the longest and has a lycopod loop. This trail also consists of an old mill site alongside a stream with a small wooden bridge. Lush with plant life. Be sure to wear bright colors for safety precautions. Not just for hunting but the New Bedford Rod and Gun club is nearby!

3 years ago

Another fine reserve in the DNRT system; the trails are well-marked and provide access to a good variety of terrain and wildlife. Note that there is gun club to the southwest, so be careful not to cross onto their property and be prepared for the possibility of loud gunfire on some trails.