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A regular nearby favorite for our family. Just right for when you want to spend an hour or two walking and talking. Enjoy!

This is a great short hike. I would say it is moderate and not hard. The payoff is great, tremendous. Fabulous views from the top well worth the effort. The trail is well marked except for the top where you have a variety of trails that peel of. Nice back country camping spot about a mile into the trail. Wold do this trail again. and again.

Great morning for a short hike. Easy and beautiful.

Trail closed Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday....it's Thurs....

I took my mountain bike, it was very challenging at some parts, like biking up a bed of medium sized rocks, it was id say 30% very challenging rocks, i had to walk a lot of it, and 70% flat/roots, perfecr for a bike. Really flat. it's an awesome trail for hiking! not very scenic, as it runs through thick woods and that's all you can see. I did the main loop, off spring Hill st, there are three more Yellow loops to see, I'm sure there are scenic spots on those. I won't be going back on the mountain bike, but it was to get away from it all becuase I was alone on the trails, which would make it great for a hike.

Good for a quick walk with interesting things to look at. you have to go through fat man's misery.

Spent several hours exploring different trails with my pup before we went up to the summit. Beautiful scenery and views, and we met a few very friendly hikers while exploring.

2 days ago

Nice place, I'm a fan of anywhere I can walk along side water while still feeling like in a woodsy area. I didn't walk the entire trail but a little ways before turning around. It wasn't marked very well as at one point I was following the trial along the water and then suddenly there was no more trail and I found myself having to go up some incline to find the nearest path. The gorge itself makes this enjoyable and there's some spots to go out on rocks in the water which is cool. Worth giving a try if in the area.

2 days ago

Many trails. Beautiful flowering plants all throughout the park. Well maintained. Very clean. Spring, summer, fall!

Easy but long. Did it before work so I think I did half of the pond loop. Going this year to do before winter with my two true friends of mine and my husband. He used to do lots of hikes in boyscouts eagle scout. My husband Brian Durwin loves hikes like me.

Walked by my self a challenge on the yellow trail to the falls. Didn't make it almost went over the bridge had to return back to go to work. Will do again.

3 days ago

Love the challenge walking with rocks with my true friend Wendy had a blast and did the tower trail too

Having fun walking different trails and the challenge trails here at Kennedy park with my self and my friend wendy

Love this hike. Challenging but fun and the views at the summit are worth every drop of sweat

road biking
4 days ago

Quick and easy trail from the salt pond out to the beach was about 15-20min bike ride on the trail. We had age ranges from 8-56 years old varying levels on being in shape and out of shape. Has a couple of hills to climb and cruise down. Getting to the beach is very cool with not too many people there where you can see seals and some historical coast guard buildings. Great views as well.

Not an exciting walk, however, I think if I would have had more time to explore I could have rated higher. I stayed on the main path but saw many trails leading into the woods. Next time!! Super easy walk!