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11 hours ago

This is a really great place to walk. Contrary to other reports, Norris is open all year. Very friendly people. Nice ponds, a stream, great for dogs. One of my favorite places to walk. If it's busy, you can park on the street or across the street at the Post Office without a problem.

I wish it was longer! Easy, pretty, my dog and I loved it and will go again.

2 days ago

nature trips
2 days ago

I've been going here since I was a child. For nature walks, bike rides and picnics. Now I bring my children. I love this place.

Awesome trail great views good challenge

Fun! Only find part of Noanet Peak trail moderate the rest is easy. Combine red, yellow, blue to extend your hike.

3 days ago

My previous review wasn't as nice. There is parking for only 2 maybe 3 small cars. The forest is small but it's a fun walk with kids. We played 'I spy ' the whole walk because there is random items in the forest.

4 days ago

My family and I started on the NY side. The trail ran mostly alongside a beautiful stream with many prominent signs specifying "no swimming." Given the many posts about the great swimming, I found this quite amusing. The hike was slippery because of all the leaves and recent rain. Saw many pups along the route... some muddier than others. Easy incline the whole way. The waterfall was a beautiful sight although decending the steps with the ice on the ground was a bit tricky. Beautiful clear water! The waterfall at the end was worth the icy stairs. I'm sure this hike is beautiful in the warmer months! Good for pups and kids.

nice trail good marking

Beautiful all year round

I've been going here since I was a kid. I still love it. I take my children often. It's a great hike for the whole family.

Great loop trail for dogs. Just make sure you pick up after them!! Well taken care of trails with a few boardwalks. Start on Academy Road for an extra mile round trip that goes across some pretty fields.

6 days ago

Nov 2016: We took a family hike with our daughter and two granddaughters, 10 and 8 years old.

This was an easy hike, but challenging enough since there are tree roots and rocks to look out for in places along the path. Lots to see and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. We all agreed it was a great time and would come back again.

6 days ago

Thanksgiving 2016: This trail offered beautiful surroundings in nature and varied terrain. We hiked a couple of days after a snowfall, but it wasn't too deep and the trails were still walkable.

We started on the Indian Monument trail. After 100 feet or so, we lost track of the footprints in the snow. We couldn't find the path, so we turned around and went up Hickey. It was moderately challenging, but even for a 60-year-old out of shape woman, very doable. I took my time, and stopped to admire the spectacular snow-covered sights.

Hickey was icy on parts and steep a couple of times. We had to climb up some rocks but not too large or difficult. I knew I wouldn't be able to go back down that way. Especially because my legs were feeling a bit rubbery.

We got a late afternoon start and considering the early winter sunset, we didn't attempt to make it all the way to Squaw Peak. Instead we took Indian Monument back, which was a lovely and easy trek down.

Towards the end, we discovered that because of the snow, hikers had opted to leave the path and walk along the highway. That's why we couldn't follow the path at the beginning. In the end I was super happy we started with the more challenging Hickey and ended with Indian Monument.

Would definitely do this again next time we are in the Berkshires. And leave an hour earlier to leave time to make it to the very top.

Be sure to bring snacks and water!

Walked to Berry Pond with my dog Nova, very pretty and peaceful.

Very enjoyable, just before trees and brush bud out, can see lots of glacial erratics, no bugs yet. Dog Nova is protected from ticks with collar.