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trail locations for Maryland
5 hours ago

7 hours ago

It was a nice, quiet, scenic walk. The trails are well blazed. The trail varies from a natural dirt trail to a paved trail. Not rough on dog's paws, no boots needed. We stayed on the trail, which was an easy hike, but there were a lot of places to go off trail if someone is looking for a slightly more difficult hike. Due to high algae levels, water access was not permitted (though the lake & river still look beautiful).

Great riding if you are not in the mood for dodging people. This trail has lots of passing room and has light traffic even on beautiful days.

Great trail, scenic, very easy and flat with only one brief but steep climb. Actual distance was 8.3 miles according to map my run for the full loop. Not sure where 3.8 came from. Perhaps a dyslexic entry.

Great view, trail is rocky and with foliage on it, slippery. We loved it!

First time on the Appalachian trail and it was a good one to start with! First part where you start to go up in elevation is a little tiring but definitely manageable. The rest was pretty easy but had a few rocks and sticks to watch out for. We stopped a few times for snacks and picture breaks and it took us about 3 hours. Weather was nice and the view was great.

Lots of short trails that you can combine into a long hike.

1 day ago

The Park is free in the winter months (we went in October). The Fort was interesting but watching to bald eagles soaring over the Fort was even better. We hike along the river trail (wasn't well maintained) and then looped back to the Fort along the park rode. Around 3 miles in total. Nice place to get some American history and a good walk.

There are a few trails on this marked area! The two I saw were the Plantation Trail Brown Blazes and the Swamp Trail Green Blazes. The former is 2.5 miles and the latter is 2 miles. I hiked the Brown Blazes today. It was a nice, quiet trail. They seem well kept. It's a bit hilly, I felt my ears pop at the top!

My only small complaint is that the trail isn't well marked at 2 or 3 junctions. I have a good sense of direction, so it was no problem to figure out where to go. Someone less experienced could also use w compass or googlemaps/alltrails to figure out where they need to go. I will be back!

Found a new favorite spot! I'd suggest getting there early, I got there around 8am and the lot was already decently filled from people camping. By the time I left cars were parked all along route 40. The trail itself was very quiet though.
Trail was very well maintained, clean, and moderate difficulty. If you hike often, it's a very relaxed hike. If you don't hike often, you'll huff and puff for the first portion, a mile or so, but then you'll be fine.
Can't wait to come back when the leaves have changed even more!

Very nice trail. Perfect for Saturday hike. The whole loop takes around 4.5h.

1 day ago

This is an awesome park. There are several trails that connect along big red trail. Big red had quite an incline at one point, so I'd actually label this trail as MODERATE. dogs are welcome from October 1st - the beginning of May.

Great trails!

Pretty easy trail. Quiet and beautiful. I just can't seem to find that big tree.

Great early Fall scenery and numerous trails and loops to create. Beautiful forest and streams to cross. Easy hiking mostly. There was unfortunately a little litter and the trails could be better marked in some places. Following the trail was a challenge even with help from AllTrails. Still a great park and fun hike.

Worst trail I've ever hiked. The trail was indistinguishable, and the markings were hard to find.