Worst trail I've ever hiked. The trail was indistinguishable, and the markings were hard to find.

Very laid back hiking trails. Beautiful in the fall. Highly recommended!!!

We did this hike last week and it was a lot of fun. Parking at the visitor center and starting the trail from there is a must. It starts out with .6 miles up hill which takes you to a split. You can either goto the Washington monument or Annapolis rocks. I would suggest goto the monument, then to Annapolis rocks. The 12 mile hike is well worth your time! There will be a lot of rock, so wear supportive shoes.

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How are the leaves looking there now? Thanks!

How are the leaves looking there now? Thanks!

Beautiful setting but the state of MD is letting this jewel go rusty. For biking the trail has deteriorated over the past few years. Very bumpy, and the latest insult is the fact that they dug it up for gas lines and did not restore the trail to a decent shape. I hope some maintenance can be done on the trail

Our first hike for my husband my self and our 12 year old son. We enjoyed it very much and it looks like the beginning of a new adventure for us. We don't really have anything to compare it to. But it wasn't too difficult.

First time hiker! Although, a very challenging hike, the views were breathtaking!

A very enjoyable nature walk with great wildlife viewing! During the summer I saw turtles, snakes, skinks, and so many birds! I love this place!

Nice, relaxing walk through the woods and pretty views of the water.

very accessible

How are the leaves looking now? Thanks!

It was great! A mix of incline and easy gradual trail. The view at the Dixon line is unique and so enjoyable.

Great views