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We did this trail today for the second time. There are several trails, we did a little over 4 miles. Very nice trails, easy and well maintained.

The first time we did the trail it was in the middle of the summer and we were in a drought. The water was very low and we were able to climb out onto the rocks in the river. Today, after some rains, it was a different trail - walking along rapids, it was a different trail! Both times were fun, but I suggest going in different weathers!

We also did the Heath loop trail today, which is a super easy, flat trail with some bog bridges, around a mile. Would be a great trail for kids!

The parking lot is TINY with no street parking allowed. We tried the trail a couple weeks ago, and there were no spots, so if you want to go, start early.

Nice trails, quiet and relaxing.

I love it here!!! It's so peaceful and a pretty simple hike.

This trail is definitely not "moderate". We followed the map above on the alltrail app and it led us up a pretty steep climb to the first summit, we looped around, and on our way back saw the second "summit" view, which was nice. But looping back to our car was a horrible way down. It was a straight shot down a rock wall, a tiny foot path, our dogs struggled, & we slipped multiple times. We skidded down on our butts which left us soaked.. Although the view was ok, I don't think we will be coming back, as it was hard to navigate the other trails which may have been easier..

fun couple mile trail, the board walk is nice and there is some nice seating mid way out to sit and enjoy nature.

One of my favorites to run. not challenging but you can get great distance! I'd you are parking in the Scarborough Marsh and cross the road, you can get just under ten miles if you go all the way to 195 ramp. it's a solid eight if you run to the foot bridge. if you cruise over the marsh you can squeeze in five miles by running to the end of the access road and back. I wish the would finish the rest of the trail connecting to Portland in that direction!

trail running
5 days ago

love this trail, there are several different loops you can take, the outer most of which connects to the ATV trails. I run it and you can squeeze four or so miles out of it without taking the same trail twice. also the description says dogs leashed, it's mostly leash, except during bird nesting season in the summer, when dogs must be leashed in the fields.

6 days ago

7 days ago

This was a nice steady climb to the top with views halfway up right through to the top. Ledges were bare with some ice in places. The trail is well traveled and well marked with blue trail markers.

7 days ago

What a hidden gem! A wooded pathway through maple swamps, alongside tidal estuaries and even an awesome historic beach front estate property, now vacant. Well cared for, limited parking and very clear signage along the way. On a late November Sunday, we only encountered 2 other walkers; maybe more crowded in summer.

I'd rate this trail moderate if you're not afraid of heights. There was one sketchy part where you cling horizontally, apart from that awesome and adventurous hike!

9 days ago

This trail offers a spectacular view of the grafton notch mountains. The fall colors were just amazing. My boyfriend and I hiked this trail in fall. There are two paths to the summit which divides initially at the beginning. We took the one to the left which is a gradual ascend. The other path on the right is a quicker path to reach the summit which offers a straight ascend with lot of rock climbing and is a bit tougher.

Beautiful views! Some steep points. Just rained last night so it was quite slippery under the fall leaves. Nice quick hike!

Nice trail. A bit slippery today after the rainfall snd the fall leaves. Beautiful view!

Dog loved this

9 days ago