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trail locations for Louisiana
mountain biking
4 days ago

It is a wonderful trail, and I am grateful to those who maintain it. Haven't been there since the spillway opened and closed, but before that, here's some advice: Wear mosquito repellant such as a very effective recipe on the internet with catnip tea, essential oil, vanilla, and witch Hazel. Have good front AND back brakes and don’t be afraid to slow down…some of the declines are pretty momentous. Putt-putt once through so you know where the sand is. More important, anticipate the stretches that are 10-foot drop-off’s parallel to water and those with some sand too. It is not a beginner bike trail. When you hear the "bike holler" or bell, just pull over or stand aside to the right to let them pass. Some of these bikers slam this trail, and rightly so, but if you've been riding for a few months, even on the street fast and hard, you can get through. All the bridges have walk-arounds, which I use most of the time. Berms were well maintained when I went, but can't say now. I wish we could get rid of the loose sand for the sake of safety and speed.

8 days ago

How is this trail for backpack camping? Are there defined camping spots or do you just pick a spot where you want? Planning a trip mid November but wanted to get some info before going.

This is a great trail with lots of cover. I walked this trail on a 95 degree day and really wasn't that bad with all the trees covering you.

9 days ago

paved trail and beautiful area. lots of bike traffic. dogs are not allowed on the trail.

10 days ago

Flowers are pretty, trails extremely overgrown. The park ranger we talked to was a first class A-hole. There were some locals here wearing rotary club vests, doing some kind of high school running event that were very rude as well. Maybe it's just the area.

10 days ago

Nice easy flat trail. Doing this to help my new scout get used to hiking. Only did 5 miles on it as a start.

11 days ago

Such a nice walk, just make sure you walk during the day!

Nice trail for Louisiana. Good for mountain biking and trail running.

Best in fall because it is oppressively hot in May thru September

Deer flies bite and they hurt. Bring Deep Woods Off

18 days ago

I love this place. I think giving it a one star because of the location on the app is off, isn't fair. Don't rate something negative just because you're too lazy to do your research first. If your reading this and the location still says Colfax, please report the location issue at the top right of the page.

If you love to explore, this is the place for you. It's so big and there are so many trails, you won't see them all in one day. check out their website and look at the google earth map that they have available for download.

21 days ago

Just hiked the backbone trail this past weekend (Sept. 2-3). Was anticipating there to be water at the bathrooms at the Caroline Dorman trailhead where we started, but there was not, so be prepared for that and bring water before you go. Wore shorts as it was beginning of September in Louisiana, but I would STRONGLY recommend wearing hiking pants-had to do a bit of bushwhacking and ended up with many cuts after. As stated, your biggest challenge will be water, so be prepared. We got a late start and only hiked about 1.5 miles in the first night before finishing the rest the next day. Trail was a bit sandy and provided a good workout and escape from reality. Did not get any views as we did not have time to hike the highridge trail, bummer. All in all, I would probably go back and hike this again, but I would wear hiking pants and bring more water. Also, I mapped the hike along the road and it was just over 3 miles. Next time, I would knock this out in the beginning of the hike because hiking 3 miles in the brutal heat at the end of the hike was rough

26 days ago

Tunica Hills is a great hike! Lots of beautiful trees and a river bed. The only downfall was that parking was hard to find and there weren't any maps of the trails. However, trails were clearly marked as you were walking.

Beautiful trail for the location, and very easy trail which is great for walking with your dog or with your friends. I was honestly amazed to see such hills only an hour from Baton Rouge.

1 month ago

Watch out for missing or knocked over trail markers. Enjoyable trail just needs some maintenance

not finished yet

Hiked this trail yesterday in the rain. It was a little muddy but held up well. Really good scenery for LA. This trail isn't too long or difficult, and my 4 year old walked the first 1/2 mile and back. There are some other trails in the area that you can tackle, which may make the drive more worth it.

June 2016: Great hike with my daughter and granddaughter, but will be so much better in the fall and winter!!