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Not an 8 mile trail. Wasn't that great.

Unexpected, being from out of state. I would put this trail as easy/moderate. There was a lot of trash and dumping around the park. Very indicative of Louisana. Once you realize that's typical of the people and outdoors, you move on. Someone with age or height problems might need a hiking stick. It's not rock climbing or extreme. Not sure why it's labeled as "hard."

Enjoyable walk! Saw 2 gators and one small snake. Note that parking lot closes at 5 p.m. We had to rush through our walk.

it was ok... not very challenging really. just a nice hike. lots of trash on the ground tho and a few unleashed dogs. but thats not to say ot will happen every time.

We were a bit confused by the names of the trails on this app. It might have just been me or maybe they swapped colors on the map. The length of the trails didn't match the colors on the map they had available.

Either way it was BEAUTIFUL. We just loves it. My kids had a great time and saw a lot of neat thins. Another thing I thought is mentioned is the facility itself. The bathrooms were nice and clean and there were stations inside displayed the many different parts of wildlife in and around the Red River. It was fun and educational!

18 days ago

great trail, beautiful views on the south end.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Was a good clean trail . Follow the red markers for biking .

fun family trail especially for little ones

22 days ago

Not a trail but plenty to see. Lots of history but to see it there's a trade off.
nice architecture = lots of drunks restaurants =dude in a skirt hit on me music=bum wanting $ after peeing in the street.

22 days ago

Enjoyed this trail very much. As other reviewers suggest, park at the Caroline Dornan trailhead and walk the 2.5-3 mile road to the north end of the Backbone trailhead. The northern end has several burned trees from a fire last year (I believe) Make sure to pack at least 2 liters of water as the water sources are located near the middle to second half of the trail. Campsites are located throughout the length of the trail. Some better than others. We camped on a ridge at the first creek crossing. The southern end of the trail is much more scenic. Did a side hike on some of the Turpentine Trail. Next time I will check that whole trail out. It was pretty and worth the detour. All in all we did over 14 miles. I thought the trail was well marked. There was only one part where a very large tree was down on the trail, but the trail continued directly behind it. We just had to go around it. Take notice of the switchback. We happened to see a tent with hikers and headed that way to ask about water sources and they directed us to the trail that continued down the hill. We may have continued straight, but would probably have turned back after not seeing a trail marker. I suggest to properly prepare and if you are someone who is regularly active this trail will give you a workout, but not be unmanageable . Enjoy! Happy Hiking!

Based on most of the reviews, y'all are all confusing this with "Tunica Falls" AKA Clark Creek which is the one you access by passing Pond Store. Clark Creek is actually a state natural area/park in Mississippi. Tunica Hills WMA is in Louisiana and is the property shown in this map.

road biking
23 days ago

Great trail for walking, pets, or cycling, but we cycled it. Very well maintained, and easy access and parking at trailheads. We get out there with our bikes as often as possible. Use sunscreen and take water as a good bit of it is unshaded!

This isn't the most interesting trail but for a walk in the city it's nice. I've done this a few times with my two kids and we enjoyed it.

24 days ago

Just hiked the Backbone Trail as an overnighter. Parked at Caroline Dorman Trailhead and hiked the road 2.5 miles to the northern Backbone Trailhead to start. I recommend doing it this way if you have one vehicle so you don't have to hike the road after the trail to get back to your vehicle. Trail was nice and different than most hikes in Louisiana. Very primitive in spots and rocky. The southern part by the creek areas and Turpentine Trail is more scenic and more hilly. We packed enough water for the first day and filtered water for the last day at the creek crossing. We will be back for sure.

25 days ago

Nice hike. Fairly easy. Variation in terrain but nothing unmanageable at all.
Except for a portion of trail about 2.5-3 miles in from Caroline Dorman TH entrance where big trees have fallen across it and it's easy to get off trail. Which we did. We came in from backBone TH. It may not have been an issue coming in from Caroline Dorman TH.
The only way we found the trail again was luckily we ran into a ultra marathon runner who also missed it on his way back and was able to show us once he got his bearings back. He came in from that way so he had an idea of what he was looking for.