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great hike. Went the end of October. There were lots of people but not enough to interfere with the experience.

Good trail, moderate level for sure. Some confusion at times as I mapped the route provided by AllTrails and yet I got off course a few times, although I was always on SOME trail. Ended up with 5.6 miles total. Nice trail if you don't want to drive out of the city.

good trail did this one a few times.

really a path to the overlook. it is a great view. stay inside the barrier, too many have fallen to their death.

One of my favorites at the Gorge. Deep wooded trail, Creek and falls.

Not bad, an easy trail to combine with Chimney Rock.

Great run!

2 days ago

This was our first time on this trail and we only went about halfway. Really enjoyed walking along the cliff face and being close to the rock formations starting at the very beginning of the trail. The trail sign has been removed and we accidentally started on the other side of the stream until we realized our mistake. The trailhead starts right at the gravel turn off.

This was also our first time to use this app which was very helpful and accurate in finding the pull off at the trailhead. Because we had set it to "Record" mode I was able to see pretty quickly that we were off the trail. Using this feature we were able to find the trail and get back on track.

3 days ago

Took my dogs there on Sunday. Really enjoyed it although I got lost. The bikers seem extremely irritated to see a walker on the trail, even though I did my best to get out of their way (we are allowed there ya know!). Very nice walk. Will go back.

Great creek Crossing and a nice gradual up hill trail. Great for an out and back 5k trail run.

We went this past Sunday did about 6 miles of trail the entire family had a great time and had some nice views

A friend and I hiked this trail this past weekend and camped over Saturday night. 10/22-23/2016. Leaves are starting to change however next weekend should probably be a better weekend for fall foliage. Loots of woods hiking with 3 streams crossed. Only had one bluff on this hike and no arches; unless we completely missed them. A few huge rock formations and cave structures. Had a bout a mile on a gravel road with traffic and crossed a freeway by bridge road. Like I mentioned not a great trek if looking for a lot of bluff views or rock arches however fairly challenging with a couple difficult challenging. path climbs.

This is a nice but short hike and is heavily used so expect to run into a lot of people and lots of children and women hiking with sandles on. So you might be held up by a group of people moving very slow through the hike. There is some sharp elevation changes as you hike down to Creation Falls and the Rock Bridge area as well as back up as you move back to the trailhead on the opposite end.

First part of the trail is gravel. Trail is well maintained. Very busy, including lots of dogs. Mostly well behaved but several people who didn't think leash laws applied, and with many steep drop offs and cliffs, very un safe.

4 days ago

Beautiful rock formations!!

4 days ago

Hidden gem and worth the effort to find and hike. No water when we visited but the hike is between easy and moderate, as the trail is good but rocky. Nice falls even without the waterfall.

Great hike straight up to an amazing vista!