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on Pilot Knob State Park
3 days ago


Some great hiking trails and the views from the tower and "Peaceful Point" will change your life! Not everybody follows the signs here as one of the hiking only trails out to the amphitheater was down trodden by horse hooves which should have been on the designated equestrian trails. Hope to come back again to mountain bike the equestrian/mtn biking trails, maybe next summer?

on Geode State Park
4 days ago

Awesome 8 mi round that circles a beautiful lake.

on Waterworks Prairie Park
4 days ago

Easy trail that is paved.

on Wildcat Den Trail
7 days ago


Since this park is close by, it is a great place to get out and enjoy the trails at anytime. There are trails that are fairly easy and some that are more challenging. A great place to get a quick workout in on a weekend.

on Wabash Trace Nature Trail
7 days ago

mountain biking

Did the Taco Ride, so only rode the 10 miles to Mineola. Beautiful trail to ride. Nice mix of tree covered and open areas. Be careful on the street crossings, most places the road has the right of way. Fortunately went early. The trail got pretty crowded later on, which provides more people with poor etiquette. Need to try on a non Taco Ride night.

on Effigy Mounds National Mo...
9 days ago

Peaceful! Bring your bug spray! The mosquitos can get quite thick. :)

on Denman Woods
9 days ago

Great trail for kids to learn the love of mountain biking:)

on Maquoketa Caves State Par...
13 days ago


Really nice spots, great nature with caves and small rivers. You can visit ice caves and/or rainy caves.

on Geode State Park
14 days ago

trail running

This is my favorite trail run close to Mount Pleasant. It's 7 miles with enough elevation change to be challenging.

on Neal Smith
18 days ago

Nice ride. No complaints about the trail

on Brown's Woods Trail
19 days ago


Nice little hiking loop. Enjoyed the fact that it was a dirt trail and not paved. Takes you back deep into the woods and almost makes you forget that you are in the Des Moines area.

on Horseshoe Bluff Nature Tr...
21 days ago

good views of the Mississippi. It's a great little hike if you're looking to get outside for and hour or so.

on Clanton Creek Recreation ...
26 days ago


The drive to the park was probably better than the actual hike. There's a main trail with multiple loops off of it. To get the full 9 mile hike you have to do all of the loops. It's a pretty park, but while half of the trail was well groomed grass, the other half though, almost made it unbearable. Lots of mosquitos while going through the trees to the creek at the bottom. Then WAY TOO MANY TICKS in the back end pasture part of the trail. Between 2 people we found about 10 ticks on us. The grass hadn't been mowed in a while, and we think this was the reason. The only real elevation change is down to the creek and up. Probably not going to go back.

on Maquoketa Caves State Par...
27 days ago


I loved the view, the trails were interesting and we even saw a doe and her babies. Highly recommend!

on Bacon Creek Trail
29 days ago

trail running

Nice trail with mild hills.