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trail locations for Iowa

Nice trail! On a recent weekday there was enough traffic that I didn't feel isolated, but not so much that I couldn't enjoy the surroundings.

Ledges is a nice oasis in the middle Iowa corn fields. Great campsites.

Nice trail for the area. It follows a narrow ridge line, to a couple overlooks and then descends to the valley floor. A lot of steps. Well worth the trip.

Great river overlooks. Trails well layed out with minimal steep inclines. Some trails to preserve erosion have steps and boardwalks which never excite me. Great campsites. Many indian mounds.

Ancient history with the native americans. Unbelievable number of mounds in various shapes. Trails well maintained.

No Camping here but camping is found about 8 miles south at Pikes Peak state park.

I arrived after a heavy rain and the area flooded. Many of the scenic areas were not accessible. I hiked parts of the lake trail and the backbone trail. Park did have nice campgrounds.

Tough but good.

6 days ago

Nice short hike down a beautiful, secluded ravine

8 days ago

This was a great hike overall. There were sloping hills and the various little streams were all draining to make everything absolutely gorgeous. The views were spectacular from the Crow's Nest and up by Point Ann.
We started from the Homestead Parking lot which made everything seem a lot stranger when we arrived over at the main parking lot where there were shelters, grills, and paved sidewalks. The majority of the trails though were wide dirt.
The Bridal Veil Falls are pretty, and there is also another one that is right around the side that is just as pretty without a bridge going right over the top of it.

Very fun hike! Good for my 4 and 7 year old boys. My only complaint is that the trails aren't marked well.

love it

love it here

We were @ the caves in Maquoketa state park on Sept17th/ need to have garbage can's @ least outside shelter buildings. Only in bathroom and they were very, very over full! Lots of garbage down by trails / around the caves. I realize they can not get so easy to garbage can's down by caves but there is a solution for a small part of this. People riding around in gators can @ least dump the garbage can's in the bathrooms. It was between noon and 3:00 when we were there. Hate to see such a great park get run down by simple things that can be done. The caves are wonderfull!!! Our grandson loved them.

trail running
11 days ago

Nice and easy run on a paved path. Expect a mild swarm of insects on the trail: many grasshoppers and crickets abound, and if you've ever had the pleasure you know they often jump into you, rather than away. Besides that, a nice little lake among the fields and trees; take the river path to get there.

road biking
13 days ago

My family and I love the caves. We enjoy hiking here a few times each year as it is fairly close to home. The trails are beautiful and caves are definitely a great work of art by nature. The kids and dog love getting dirty while spelunking through the various caves and creeks. Highly recommended!

Enjoyable hike through this national monument. The scenery was gorgeous and mounds were quite impressive. Definitely worth a visit if you live in the Midwest, or are passing through.