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trail locations for Indiana

I grew up in Indy! Ever since July of 2015 that's been my go to trail!

Love Indy!

moderate trail but overgrown in spots. chiggers very plentiful. we were the only ones on the trail on a Sunday morning.

Took the green Sulky trail. The first half was good except for the horse poop and muck I had to dodge . The second half was awful though, the trail gradually disappeared. At some point I gave up and decided to back track the way I had come but the trail had several deer paths and I must have gotten off on one of those by mistake . I was lost with no Gps and a map that was vague. I knew if I continued South, I'd eventually come to either the road or the parking lot. I had to climb thru brush and over fallen logs, but eventually found the trail .

Great trail to run. Just don't have headphones in because bikers come quickly and you have to be ready to jump on the side. The trail is narrow so if in company you have to walk behind each other.

2 days ago

At the first split, If you take the lower (left) trail, the trail will be mostly up hill. Take the upper (right), the trail will be mostly down hill. They have two splits that will shorten the loop if wanted or needed. Out Fitbit said this trail is about. 6 miles.

Beautiful quiet trail. Spotted heron 5 times along with many frogs that plopped in the river as I walked by. Watch out for patches of eroded trail, some areas were precariously close to a 12 foot drop off. And by all means, remember your bug spray.

2 days ago

Walked this trail with my 7 year old daughter and it was good for kids. Pretty flat with a bit of elevation change. Which made a good hike for my daughter. Lots of different mushrooms and animal tracks to check out and the trail was marked well. The water was down, so there was a nice beach area near the lake to sit for a snack.

It's more for bikes. A lot of up and down hills. Perfect to bike but pretty hard and kind of dangerous on foot. We almost got run over by a bike one time. We were the only hikers. GREAT WORKOUT that's for sure!!!

This is a great trail to do if you're looking for a little exercise as there are some good, steep hills as you near the beach. Mosquitos weren't terrible, but I'd still recommend bug repellent. Oh, and prepare to get a lot of sand in your shoes!

3 days ago

the only thing I can say good about this part of the trail is there was a lot of wild life from stick bugs to snakes and deer. The trail itself was rough bike's and riders have made this trail a mess. Also trail is only marked for horse and bike riders and that's IF you find a trail marker.

Very pretty, peaceful and challenging. my husband, myself and our three kids enjoyed it. The hike back uphill was intense for me, I'm a plus size hiker, but I did it!!

8 days ago

Every time I go here, I see something different. There are many trails here. So you can make it as long or short as you like. There are more bikers than hikers. So be careful. Horses are also on the trails. Watch your step!

8 days ago

Excellent hike. Glad we did this one

Trail is quite windy which is good but there is a section that isn't marked well and I'm pretty sure I crossed over into another trail.

Hiked it in the rain so it was pretty muddy and slick, but the fog/mist gave it a mystical quality. Not much in the way of panoramic views but the surrounding countryside was pretty. The hike is rated as "Hard", but I am not even an avid hiker and I would probably list it as Moderate (a few inclines to get the heart pumping but nothing seriously challenging). Definitely recommend hiking boots - especially if the ground is wet.

came here thinking it would be more hiking involved. the place is well taken care of and all the paths are gavel. great place to get you nature walk on.

Nice little loop by the creek side

mountain biking
9 days ago

great trails..challenging