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Fantastic time. This trail really gives you a wide variety of sights to see and is a great chance to do a little exploring of your own. Climbing down the canyons and then walking through them was so fun. This trail was over 2 hours away and my friends said they had no regrets about the trip.

Really easy hike with small climb to parking lot. Really neat place. worth a visit. Can easily fit this and Little Grand Canyon in on 1 day.

The fact that it is so family friendly is why I gave it a 5 star. Absolutely amazing rock features. Don't miss the Middle!!!!! We just happened to take a small trail which headed to the center. It reminded me of the movie Labyrinth in the maze. The rest of the trail is really cool too.

Absolutely Amazing place!!! Never been anywhere like it. You could very easily take a side trail and get yourself hurt here but could spend the whole day on this 3 mile trail. Will continue to come back and drag as many friends along with me as I can.

Not much here. Cool if you like farm fields and swamps I guess.

Beautiful and clean. Great for dog walking. Wide paths decrease chance of being run over with bikes, other walkers, etc. Highly recommended.

Beautiful landscape. Trail markings caused some confusion.

3 days ago

Good easy trail.

Beautiful hike but very busy on the weekends.

This was an extremely crowded trail. The views were spectacular. It only took us a half hour and we were in the area so it was worth doing. It was a paver and concrete trail.

This was an awesome hike. It was marked well. It is very remote to get to. When we got there it was well populated with people primitive camping, rock climbing, and horseback riding. It did not feel crowded when we were hiking. There seemed to be lots of available areas with established routes if you are looking to rock climb. Burden falls road is also called county route 8. Glen street falls road is only called street road on my phone map. If you download the AllTrails app for you phone it is very helpful to find the area and to stay on the trail.

Did some field work here as a graduate student. The first part is a steep nearly vertical climb but it's rolling hills once you're on top of the bluffs and among the prairies. You get a great view of the Mississippi flood plain and local farmland.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. However the trails aren't very well marked and easy to lose. We started on the blue trail and had to back track several times. Towards the end the blue trail requires you to cross the river on some rocks but there was nothing telling you that was the way to go and we ended up continuing onto the yellow trail and then the white trail which stops out of nowhere. We got a bit lost for several hours and went in a few big circles before we got back to the rocks in the river and went across which leads you to the huge stone stairs back to the parking lot. Wouldn't have been a big deal if it hadn't gotten dark before we found our way out. Definitely be prepared and bring a flashlight.