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Great trail. Lots of ups and downs. Light traffic and seems pretty safe with a buddy. Can be slightly strenous if you are out of shape. Trail has been cleared out well. Enough number of benches. Definitely need a bugspray.

trail running
1 month ago

it was a great workout. not too difficult, but nice. very little traffic

Hiked about 1.5 miles of this trail starting at Camp Wokanda. Trail started as pea gravel but soon transitioned to clay. Even after a day of heavy rains the day before, the trail was mostly dry. Lots of great elevation changes, and the small bridges added by the eagle scouts really helped navigate over the gullies. If you're out of shape, be prepared to stop a couple of times going up the steps... There are a couple of benches along the steps where you can get a break. Will be back when we have more time.

Nice trail close to home. Crushed gravel makes for a generally smooth surface that dries out pretty quickly. Good place to go when you're short on time and need to get a quick run or ride in without the need to venture out of town.

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2 months ago

Great trail for a nice ride. River to Dunlap round trip 25 miles.

Very easy and flat trail that passes through Peoria. This trail goes for miles and miles, much more than the 23 as it connects to other trails going out passed Morton or out passed dunlap. But it is great for walks during the week and you can add weight to a backpack of you want more of a challenge.

Great trail lots of hills can be a good workout....trail now goes from camp Wokanda all the way to Detweiler Park....

7 months ago

I love this part of the trail. It's fairly shaded once you get past the first mile which is really nice in hot weather. The tunnel is creepy by yourself but ok if you have a buddy. I love running here as well as walking.

road biking
1 year ago

For biking I give it a lower rating as it's just too boring. But if you want to go for leasurely bike with someone new to biking that is scared of road and trail it's ok. But it's closer to road then mountain biking.

trail running
1 year ago

It's a great place for long runs. I have prepared for marathons and many triathalons on this trail. I prefer starting at Alta and going out so that it's all packed limestone instead of paved and easier on the knees and feet. It's fairly flat and straight so it's not technical.

Great little nature trails! Really enjoyed it.

trail running
2 years ago

Close to home with a couple of small branches, this was a well-maintained trail with beautiful scenery during the fall. The hills were challenging but doable.

This trail provides a wonderful excursion through the bluffs along the Illinois River just North of Peoria, IL. From the trail head at Robinson park to Camp Wokanda, an old Boy Scout Camp that is now a managed by the Peoria Park District, hikers walk through a rich forest that provides access to wildlife and quiet hiking. Many sections of the trail are maintained through Eagle Scout projects through the addition of steps, small bridges, and improved trail sections. The full trail is actually a bit more than 2.0 miles if you travel all the way into Camp Wokanda to the trail head at the far north end. There are pit toilets on both ends, and if you are lucky you will find the shower house at Camp Wokanda open for flush toilets.

My wife and I hiked the trail on Sunday (10/21/13) and the fall colors were just beginning to peak. We walked from Robinson Park to Wokanda and back for a total of 4.4 miles and about 2 hours 15 minutes with a 20 minute break in the middle. There are some very nice flat sections both at the bottom of ravines and on top of the bluff with 3 very nice uphill (and downhill) sections in both directions.

The trails are nicely marked and there are map posts at all intersections. Maps are also available at all access points.

Good trail and pretty close to the city. Signs all over the trails. Quiet and peaceful!

Simple & peaceful trail, not crowded. If you want a nice nature walk, this is a good hike. Sights include typical IL forest animals, wildflowers, prairie, creek, rolling hills & a few bridges. The ends of the trail are hilly and can be a nice workout, the middle crosses a flat top for a nice easy stroll.
Camp Wokanda to Mossville Rd

I love this trail in the fall, it can be very muddy after thaw or rain. In some places it is overgrown, but elevations go up hills, stairs, etc. After reaching the top, it is flat and easy, very pretty, good photos, many little bridges. You can vary the trail you go on. On the one side is the stairs and hills. The other side is wider, more for runners and people with dogs.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Nice trail. Crushed gravel/ compact dirt surface is generally smooth and well kept in the southern portions of the trail. Some walnuts and debris are more common on the northern portion of the trail. My only complaint is the trail ends rather abruptly- only a sign with an odd mile marking and an absence of more trail lets you know you are at the end.