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Beautiful! Who knew Illinois had such amazing scenery.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail with some great views and cool rock formations

1 month ago

super easy hiking with beautiful rock formations

Short distance, but with so many rocks to climb on you could spend hours here. Great for kids, dogs are allowed on leashes, and ours loved it! Had a great time here!

LOVE this trail. It is my absolute favorite in Illinois! Any time a friend says they havn't been, I take them. It is a very short trail if you are going for distance. The whole fun of it is to explore and climb around on the big rocks. Gives you a nice little rush. I recomend going in the fall when the trees are going becasue it is by far the best view. Also, I like to go on a weekday becasue it does get pretty crowded on weekends.

Great hike. Great views with awesome rock formations.

2 months ago

We just went here last weekend! This was my first experience with hike-in hike-out camping and this trail ended up being perfect for it.

After enjoying the Garden of the Gods trails, we hiked up the left leg of this trail (through the forest up on top of the bluffs) and camped in the lee of a small hill, just behind the scenic outlook area. There ended up being many campers nearby that night but we didn't hear any of them! The silence was beautiful and the stars were spectacular. Really easy to make a campfire too, tons of dead wood around (we went when it was dry and hadn't rained in a few days). Heard some coyotes at night, but no animals disturbed us. I slept like a baby!

We did not find any sources of water on this venture so if you are camping here bring plenty of it with you! There are outhouses within a long walk / short drive from the trail parking lot, if you're not into digging holes (but bring your own hand sanitizer). There are pumps located in other areas of the park but we did not see any close by.

Saw a few pieces of trash left by others but this forest is in very good shape overall. Be responsible with your things though! Don't litter, and keep the place nice for others to use! I also see people in these reviews are drinking on the trails... alcohol is NOT PERMITTED in any National Park! Don't say you weren't warned.

Not really a hike, more of an over look, but well worth the stop. Beautiful sights and panoramic views! Bring a snack and pick a rock to relax on and just enjoy being present.

This was an extremely crowded trail. The views were spectacular. It only took us a half hour and we were in the area so it was worth doing. It was a paver and concrete trail.

2 months ago

Don't expect a lot here! It's just a short out and back. And the "Stone Face" isnt all that spectacular. But want an adventure? Hang a left at the top of the climb. Stay left till you can cross the creek. Stay left along the bluff line. No real trail for this route but easy to hike and the views offer a great reward!

See my GlenO to Stone Face route for a nice hike.

Gorgeous. One of the prettiest sites in America. Rocks that people of all ages are climbing and for that matter, pets too! Trails for horses. Besides the main trail, there are lots of side trails with overlooks and complex rock formations.

This trail allows easy access to the amazing view. This day was sunny and warm with clear blue skies and soft white clouds. I'm eager to return to explore other trails in this area.

rainy day but couldn't have been more beautiful. 4 adults and a 9 year old. we managed some beautiful views. Had a great day.

3 months ago

Went to get some cool shots. Not really sure why i didn't "get into it" though. I did a very small amount of bouldering and what not. I guess I just wasn't sure of what i was expecting. I should have waited until the colors turned in the trees, would have been more spectacular i think. I also hit up another trail that was right down the road cannot remember the full name but i think the word "indian" was part if it, it was alright too i guess.

Overall i did like the historical aspect, and the vast sea of what is now trees instead of the blue was once water. That is going to look great in a few weeks time.

Great place to hike and camp. Our first time being there we didn't know what to expect. There were alot of day hikers as well as over night campers, we of course camped right in the middle. We had campers in and around our camp at all hours of the night trying to find their friends or a camp site. Next time we will go more off trail, but it made it interesting for sure! lol. Bring plenty of water. and we never found any water sources other than the stagnant pond on the way in, and not sure I would even want to filter that, unless I absolutely had too.

Observation trail is stunning. Very short but can spend hours there climbing around and checking views. One of those places that is awesome every visit with changing light and foliage. There's a longer trail with some cool rock formations, could use some better trail markers though. Should also check out Rim Rock Recreation Area (7 miles east) if in the area, very good hiking.

I'll be coming from Chicago to photograph this weekend if anyone wants to join! It'll be my first time here. If you're a photographer too or just want to hike, let me know! I'd love the company!