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trail locations for Idaho
1 day ago

Nice hike, BEAUTIFUL in the fall time.

Beautiful lake at the top.

scenic driving
4 days ago

Beautiful Hike!!

Beautiful! The hike begins past the Continental Divide sign, just FYI. I only went to Aldous Lake. Only saw one other person.

4 days ago

Beautiful fall colors and steep mountain cliffs. Far prettier than I expected.

I have skied at Lookout Ski Area, but never knew this place existed. I am so glad we discovered it.

We drove to the trailhead 267 because of time, and found one other truck there. You need 4WD and decent ground clearance to drive to this trailhead. Take the first gravel road as you start into the loop in the road and go past the ski lift. One other couple was there in their Subaru and wisely opted to hike in. My Nissan Armada had all the clearance we needed.

We went mid September and the streams were low enough to rock-hop over so we had no wet feet issues like others have posted. There were also no mosquitos at this time of year.

As others have mentioned, the trail is steep at times from this trail head to the lake. My app showed 826 feet of elevation gain over 1.5miles to the lower lake.

Lots of elk and deer scat but the only wildlife we saw was a wild turkey??

Keep to the right trail when you arrive at the lower lake to get to the upper lake a short distance away. I will go back with my kids on future hiking trips.

4 days ago

Worth doing but maybe pick a week day instead of a weekend. It's no secret by any means and can get crowded. Especially with the horses and, as others have mentioned, the horse poo. :(

Our family camps at Warm River campground every year. Most beautiful place ever! I have never done the full loop but we mainly just start at the campground and hike (walk) to the railroad tunnel. If you start at the parking lot of the campground it's about 3 miles up and 3 miles down. Beautiful scenery and great easy hike for kids!

horse poop on the nature..but it's very pretty there.just the poop bugs me.

nice trail very pretty except horse poop.

sucks..horse poop in mother nature

5 days ago

Great views of the lake. Easily done in walking shoes.

Beautiful trail leading up to a magical gem. Easy enough for a six year old and a young family overnighter. Jul-Sep you can find thimbleberries and huckleberries along the trail following the rock falls.

Great trail. The first portion is very steep, but the switchbacks are more forgiving as you climb higher. Under tree cover first several miles. I saw a mama and her kid and another goat who wanted to hang out on the top. Great hike, knees are feeling it the next day

peeps need to clean up after their dogs! tons of puppy poo. good trail other than that.