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on Oregon Trail

1 day ago

We were first timers and a little late in the season. Great thing was that the trail wasn't too busy and there were bald eagles to watch along the way! That incline was a bit challenging; however, the gorgeous vistas were so worth it! Well maintained, too.

3 days ago

Blue Creek Trail is a nice spot to take a quick leg-stretcher in the woods. It is easily accessed from I-90 most of the year. Please be advised to drive VERY slowly on East Yellowstone Trail road. Yours would not be the first death on this treacherous stretch of road. The trail head for Blue Creek Trail is clearly marked. There is ample parking and a rest room facility at the trail head. Many of the local hikers cheat, and park about a mile before the trail head, and take a short cut to the trail, with less of an incline. The trail is easy to follow. It is not a well-maintained trail, so expect it to be muddy on wet days. I have hiked this trail at all times of the year, including winter. The trail gets quite slippery in places in the winter, so bring some traction shoes. There are not any spectacular vistas on this hike, but the drive to the trail head is beautiful at any time of year.

Clean trail, not a ton to look at.

Easily accessible off the main road and perfect for a lunch break loop.

4 days ago

Tubes Hill is a beautiful and scenic piece of nature right in town. The trails are easy and accessible. Beautiful views of Lake Coeur d'Alene and the surrounding area. One of my favorite near town hiking and swimming locations.

Green belt is a good walking, running and biking path. Good stretch and good for family. Many activities include swimming, rafting, paddleboards, and fishing. Great for the family.

6 days ago

On this particular hike I'm torn; the hike itself was good, but the trail was not very impressive. Towards the top viewpoint the mountain was covered in dense fog and there was light snow. This made the surrounding forest eerie yet beautiful. Because of the fog I was not able to see the lake or Sandpoint from the lookouts. But aside from the fog towards the top of the mountain, the trail was relatively tame with not much to look at (Granted, this is in part due to the time of year). The trail also has a very unceremonious end off the side of a forest road.
Overall while I very much enjoyed the hike, it would be hard to recommend this one. I will need to try it again at different points in the year.

6 days ago

This moderately difficult trail is mostly switchbacks, so prepare for it bit of a climb. You also have to drive forest service roads to reach the trail head, so make sure that is something you are comfortable with. The hike up can be a bit tedious, but it's all worth it though as the views are grand. Chilco peak has a red rock cover and little trees allowing 360 degree view of the surrounding area. There is also the remains of an old lookout post. I would recommend this hike!

This is a moderately difficult trail. There isn't much going up or down, but the millage can make it long hike depending on how far down the trail you go. You can have some great views of Pend Oreille as well as find a hidden Lost Lake. Overall the trail can become a little tedious with not much else to look at the but same view of Pend Oreille.

6 days ago

The north side may not have the lake, but it has its own beauty. A little more secluded than the south side, you are less likely to run into people, but you have the possibility of running into horse back riders. A nice easy hike!

Very relaxing and beautiful walk.

This is a must do Hike! The views at the top are beautiful! Theres a shelter at the top you can sit at that has a picnic table to enjoy a snack or lunch and look at the lake/bay. Lots of benches to sit at along your hike. It's a moderate hike with some steep inclines. Trails are in great shape and nicely marked. Would be hard to get lost.

This is a great trail for runners. It has its easy points as well as its challenges. There are lots of wildlife and nature to see and it is awesome to see it while you are on a run. As with any trail, be careful of uneven ground though.

8 days ago

This is a great hike for kids and families. The views are very pretty and the hike is short and easy. If you like to hike where there aren't too many people though, I would say that this hike isn't for you. There are lots of people fishing along the hike and it being an easy and shorter hike, families are more likely to be on it. Great for the family though!

Nice local hike with an amazing view of the city from the top! It is pretty short and great for anyone really. It is so cool to see the city from the top. It is also great to just hang out at the top with yourself or your company.

This is a nice and easy, peaceful hike. Farragut State Park has so much to offer in its beauty and trails. Northside Loop does have more people on it than the south side however.

Great trail for leisure biking as well as a nice walk! There is plenty of room for everyone and is easily accessible! It also has the factor that it runs right along the Coeur d'Alene Lake and the Spokane River. It is great for those who like a long trail with a fairly even ground to ride, run or walk on.