This trail was nice it was not steep and was well maintained. There was some growth over the trail near the creeks. We came down from the fire tower by this trail because it was easier than the low gap trail and I had developed some blisters on the way up...that being said this trail is extremely long...the milage on the map leaves off a section of the trail so it is actually about 3 miles longer than the map shows...LEAVE EARLY to do this loop in one day. we were late leaving....stayed a little too long at the firetower and then there were the aforementioned blisters that slowed us down so we were hiking back in the dark for about three miles...we encountered a crazy hornet that attacked our head lamps and a Mt lion or cougar (according to the Rangers we spoke to) at a stream that screamed at us to go away! So leave early...wear good shoes and count on a lot of miles!

cool hike

Great trail with awesome views of the city and surrounding mountain ranges

Fun hike- combined it with hiking Beacon Rock trail for a fun morning. I went early and was alone on the trail for most of my hike!

This was an amazing fall hike- colors were unbelievable!! Definitely up hill until you get to the lake but well worth it!

GREAT hike, views and camaraderie! If you're not in great shape this hike will definitely kick your butt as it did ours. Stunning views, wildlife friends all around and the fellow hikers on this trip were all really nice. Once you pass the third gorgeous lake on the left the trail will come to a Y, there was a rock made arrow on the ground pointing left which is really shaded and a rather thin trail but this one leads to the falls. I heard the right trail leads straight to beach access but I can't attest to that yet. The trail that takes you down to the falls gets hairy so just take your time, watch your grips and steps and don't be afraid to ask or lend assistance to fellow hikers who may need it. Advice I would give? If you think you brought enough water, bring more! Took us a couple hours to get to the falls, hung out there for about an hour and then a couple hours to hike back. There are restrooms at the very start of the trail but none on the duration so keep that in mind! The parking is pretty packed but it's such a neat trail that honestly there probably isn't a time that the parking lot and back up parking isn't overflowing. Definitely worth it though!

Nice trail with some good hills to climb, pretty views but you're still very close to a neighborhood, so if you want a secluded hike surrounded entirely by nature this isn't it.

Nice view, no crowd at all (hardly saw 4 others during the entire hike), good mix of flat and moderately steep climb.
Not many signs so bit confusing without all trail maps and parking is bit tricky if you come early in the morning as you will need to park inside the camp site.

on Hoh River Trail

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I had a wonderful time on this trail! It is very well maintained for the most part. There is a washout about 14 miles up the trail where you have to use a cable ladder to go down a ravine, it's a scramble up to the other side. Luckily I met a hiker coming down the trail who gave directions to go left up the other side of the ravine because there is no marking as to where to go. The views of Blue Glacier at the end of the trail were absolutely amazing and worth every minute of the trip up! I will definitely be going again to summit West Peak of Mt Olympus.

Been on my "CVNP bucket list" for a looooong time. We did Wetmore clockwise with Table Top and Dickerson on the way back in too. Only a few people and horses on trail on the day of the year! Love this trail, feels very remote even though it's wide and runs close to Quick Road in spots. Good mix of up and down, switchbacks, and flats. Almost all shaded with a couple sunny spots. Lots of interesting scenery including deep forest, beautiful creek crossings, pine groves, and incredible fields of goldenrod as far as the eye can see in what the trailhead sign says were old farm fields.. Couldn't resist trying Dickerson, yes it says Bridle Trail closed, and what a treat. Brushing back bushes almost every step and there are several places where the trail just vanishes but walk a few minutes down the creek and you can pick it up eventually on one of the banks. So spoiled by the immaculately maintained trails we enjoy in CVNP, it was awesome to "rough it" just a little....

Great trail, not too overgrown and a perfect distance for beginning hikers. Can be ran, use caution due do rocks and roots. Not highly travelled. There is a creek crossing which is hard to cross with out getting wet, had to use a fallen tree to get across. Trail is well marked and shaded.

Did this hike with my brother-in-law as preparation for Whitney in October...I'm a newbie to backpacking but have invested heavily in the lightest gear available...Our overnight trip started at 1100 and we hiked under full pack to the summit stopping at High Creek for water replenishment. I'm in decent shape but this hike was very difficult. Do the averages 700 ft per mile for 8 miles! Like other reviewers mention, the middle of the trail is not too bad...but, the first mile and last two miles are butt kickers. We reached the summit at 1800 and camped for the night in one of the stone-walled campsites. Temp was in the high 30s overnight with steady wind. We were treated to great sunset and sunrise the next morning. Hiked down in in the morning in about 4 hrs...hips, knees, and feet were all barking like dogs when we reached the truck. This hike is not for the faint of heart but is extremely rewarding, nonetheless.

trail running
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Great for trail running when short on time

trail running
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Better walking/hiking

First part of this trail is fairly difficult but then levels off and has beautiful views of creeks, wild flowers, and lakes.

The sound of the water was very calming..It was really nice.. the water was clean.. get place to swim.. I love it..