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Great change of intensity and awesome views!!

Good little walk, dogs loved it (:

mountain biking
14 hours ago


About a mile up there is an oak tree that fell across the trail and we couldn't get past it. Although our hike was cut short, it was gorgeous!!!

15 hours ago

Loved the trail, the parking lot located right near the main street which is easy to access. I came on thursday afternoon and there are only 3-4 cars in the parking lot. This trail is hard but not extremely. It does have steep slopes and loose rocks which reminds me of the Elden Lookout trail in Flagstaff. Wearing appropriate shoes is recommended, there will be few parts that you have to climb over the rocks but they are not really dangerous though, those are good challenges. You may have to be careful on the way back, don't trust those little evil rocks :) i would wear a long pants in this trail since it is invaded by bushes and cactuses. The view on top will cover the oro valley area and part of tucson, very nice. Overall i rate this trail 5 stars since there are few good things about this trail. 1- easy to access 2- challenging (good workout) 3- short which means less time consuming. Good luck;)

15 hours ago

I was there the last weekend in October. Started at Cedar Lake, went on western section of Horsethief Spring Trail, connected with Oauchita Trail, back onto eastern section of Horsethief Spring Trail, then back to Cedar Lake. I chose to follow the "scenic route" up Snake Mountain on the western section. Very overgrown and lost the trail for a bit. After finding it, however, it was very scenic! A few other short stretches along the western section where the grass and bushes were overgrown on the trail, but was still able to follow the trail. When people say "bring water" they mean it. The only water source was the Horsethief Spring, which is a trickle. Saw that some people stashed jugs of water near the Horsethief Spring parking lot.

15 hours ago

Rode some sick waves at the waterfall.

The best way to get closer to the Hollywood sign.
Do not forget to apply sunscreen if you are hiking on a hot sunny day.

Challenging and steeper at the top. Serene and peaceful at the summit.
I would recommend to hike early in the morning during spring.

mountain biking
15 hours ago

Nice! Easy to access and good for all levels. I am a novice mountain biker so I had to walk my bike up a few of the big hills. The waterfall is just shy of 3 miles in. Also beware the hills are rocky. We enjoyed the day.

16 hours ago

Good trail, great view

The park itself is really pretty! The waterfall and hike is small. We like something more adventurous but this would be great for others or maybe even younger ones!

Cake by the Ocean!