Another great alpine lake trail. You see Nymph Lake and Dream Lake along the way. Around 1.5 miles into the trail you are high up and can see all the way to Sprague Lake and Bear Lake. Stunning views of Longs Peak the whole way. The Lake at the end doesn't disappoint.

first, this app is SO FAR OFF it's ridiculous. this is not the first time I've followed the instructions and the GPS exactly only to be misled by anywhere from 1 mile to in this case several miles.

I followed the directions exactly which took me and my wife on a 20 mile drive off the main Highway through difficult four wheel drive territory only to be met with a gate at a private residence where we still according to the app had to drive another 6 miles.

disappointed, and out of options we turned around and went back down the same rock filled 4x4 Road way.

on our way out we stopped approximately 6 miles from Highway 60 while we were still on the dirt road and walked down the river bed which led us to the Hassayampa River.

despite this screwed-up app, we had a wonderful 5 mile hike around the Hassayampa River and surrounding Mountainside.

Tom & Loretta

Beautiful hike. First mile is steep, 2nd mile is pretty flat, last mile is steep. We hiked around the lake a bit and there are many cairns to get you back on the right path if you stray from the path. On our way back we turned onto the continental divide trail just so we could see what lies beyond the ridge. I highly recommend doing so. The views from Jones Pass were great, and it only adds an extra mile or so onto your trek.

on Havasupai Falls

3 days ago

Wow. It's pretty hard to describe how amazing this place is. It exceeded all of my expectations. Waterfalls, Sun, Swimming, Rain, and Camping.

I love it there especially by the pond. It feels magical there.

3 days ago

One of the best trails in DFW. Can be difficult at times but it's pretty out there. A few good views and some pleasant creek crossings.
Bring lots of water! It may be mostly shaded but it's a workout hiking. A plus side is no bikes to share the trail with.

Great way to see some beautiful landforms and arches in a single hike. We hiked to the Dark Angel and started to head back via the primitive trail, but were turned back when rain and grauppel started to slicken the rock. Lightning also created a hazard while scrambling back across the top of the fins. Our favorite was the Double O Arch but the Navaho Arch was quite unique. 6.8 miles in just under 4.0 hours.

My favorite fire tower yet, red trail is .6 miles and steep yellow trail is 1.2 miles and winds up steep last .3 miles, gorgeous views

Easy walk to the formation. Good views to the East as well. We caught glimpses of the clouds lifting off La Sal Mountains revealing fresh snow.

Ok so we went to the top of one cliff and walked down on a steep trail. It was beautiful but I would not classify it easy, especially getting back up.

I hiked part of this trail to get to Perins peak, but I think I took the hard way up. The trail system lead me most of the way. ****

3 days ago

I recommend hiking around Pike Island once you get below the visitor's center. I park off of Hwy 55 at the meters if I can't find a free spot. Then I walk down the shared paved trail that both bikers and walkers use. Loop around Pike Island and back to the car is about 16-18,000 steps and it takes about 2.5 hrs. Very nice wooded area in the city! If you have a dog keep them leashed because I saw a rattler snake recently and heard a second one. Besides it is the law.