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Absolutely incredible. The views are breathtaking. A must !!

one of my favorite places

Nice hike a lot of up and down. Extended additional distance at the end. Would like to come back and complete the top trail.

1 day ago

This trail had lots of interesting features, nice river views, the pond and old mill.

I live in waterfall paradise in Oregon & Washington but Burgess Falls are as spectacular as the ones we have at home. The hike is easy and provides great views and wonderful for photography. I have posted some photos from last year (Nov 2015) when the rains were falling hard and the water is running high and added more from last week (Nov 2016) during the drought and both versions are beautiful. The Park Rangers also had some corn snakes for everyone to get up close & personal with and they were colorful creatures as well. I will come back next year and praying the area gets the much needed rain to put out the local fires and add more H20 to the river.

You get a great workout hiking up Ryan Mountain as it's uphill all the way. The trail is very well maintained and the views are nice.

Great incline hike about 90% to top. Some shade but definitely bring a hat if you go midday or later. Takes about 1.25 hrs up and 45 mins down depending how many stops. Nice view at the top. Parking is to right and the yellow gate can be hard to see so don't drive too fast. It's just past a fenced building

Clean trail, not a ton to look at.

Easily accessible off the main road and perfect for a lunch break loop.

1 day ago

Very nice walk in the woods. Training up for an AT hike...and this was nice short practice. Small rolling hills, not much other traffic.
Want to try other trails in this same park.

I enjoyed the fresh air & the sound of the stream so relaxing

Hidden gem! I would say "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations ". This is the one.

Easy access, no snow, great view at the top.

1 day ago

we did this hike at the end of October. weather was fine until we got to The Loch. then the wind picked up. once we made it over the more scrambly section leading up to the Lake of Glass, the wind and sleet started howling. had to turn back, but we'll definitely be doing it again, maybe on snowshoes. highly recommended.

I love this trail; so many options; it's shady

1 day ago

Love the views. This trail can be done by all, one step at a time. Get outside and live.

Moderate, not difficult. The hike marked on the trail map is actually a border patrol access trail/road. I ran into a border patrol officer and he gave me the coordinates to the cave (32.63490, -116.09223) you can go to the top of this trail and then go on the the cave but the trail on this map does not go straight there.

Awesome hike with great views along the way and at the top! Lake Poway is beautiful. Didn't even have to wait to take a photo on the rock! Going down is definitely easier.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Nice and varied trail. Lots of nice short climbs punctuated by rapid descents. Mix of single track and fireroad and you can really go as long as you want.

Fantastic training route, particularly if you are starting back in after a period of inactivity.

Park at Cox Sports Park and drop right in!