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Perfect for the kids.

Hi guys me and my girlfriend going to Hawaii on March 2017 this will be our third time in Hawaii but we have never been gone to this trail, want to try it out this time ^^ Just looking some people who has experienced on this trail to take us there ! Or who's planning to go on March please let me know so that way I can join you guys ^^ on my email please thank you npav.supatchai78@gmail.com

Dope as fu#k ..

2 days ago

This trail is closed.

Awesome trees and colorful gardens. You forget you're in the middle of Honolulu.

2 days ago

Trail is pretty easy. I am not in great shape, and completed the trail with little difficulty. The trail has a couple nice views and you pass through a few areas surrounded by bamboo. If you want a easy hike and don't mind driving up some twisting roads this could be the hike for you. But if you don't do this hike I would say you aren't missing much.

I hiked the Canyon Trail via Cliff trail in Waimea Canyon. This is one of new favorite hikes! You start by walking along a dirt road lined with sweet smelling flower bushes. The trail takes you through scenic goodness with some woods, cliffs with rich orange dirt overlooking the canyon, and a couple of short waterfalls. I can't begin to describe the beauty and peaceful state it brings. I went mid-Sept and it wasn't very crowded. A shortish hike with not much elevation change. Easy and a must-do hike!

Awesome hike and climb. Great views. Great rush!

2 days ago

One of my favorite all time

So far, my favorite trail. A lot of diversity from hiking in the tropical rainforest to trekking across the floor of the crater.

2 days ago

Hike is completely closed off. There was an apparent rockslide. Unless you're willing to bypass the gate that was out up and climb over the pile of rocks go for it. We had kids with us, the only reason we didn't continue on with the hike.

Whew! This trail starts out nice and easy but quickly evolves into a difficult one. All Trails says it's only 4.4 miles but it's more like 7 total. Lots of roots and mud so watch out for slips. Not too much scenery until you hit the very top. Take lots of water. I've read reviews of taking small kids but I can't imagine. This trail kicked my butt.

great for views and anyone can make this hike