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be sure to have decent grips on your hiking shoes!

Just want to reiterate that the trail off to the side before the bench is not part of kolekole. It leads to a large hill, but it turns an otherwise kid friendly, easy hike into a highly eroded, all fours slope climb to the top. It is getting even more eroded every weekend because of the recent high traffic. I do not recommend novice hikers who don't know about basic climbing principles to try this. It's only a matter of time before someone with inexperience and overconfidence gets hurt on this one.

awesome trail. I met up with a friend from high school who is stationed here at k bay and we started this trail in the pouring rain. the beginning and end of this trail is horribly marked, if not marked at all, we walked the wrong way and kind of trail blazed for a bit until we ended up on something that actually looked like a trail and I checked this apps GPS and we were dead nuts on the trail, like half way around the loop, then crossed the rivers and saw an old plantation road then it got dark and we hit two three forks and got super super lost for like a few hours, and just went on every possible trail we saw until my compass said we were heading south west toward the car. Awesome trail, great views, cool streams, and not a single sign of human life, which was nice, but terrible trail markings for the trail entrance. But maybe that's on purpose.

Very nice, quick hike. Some steep areas, but easily navigable by my 5 year old. It was dry today, but I suspect it would be very slick if wet.

very easy dangerous when is windy and is kids and pet friendly

very easy a little dangerous when is windy

I've done this hike before and it's amazing but now there is a tree down after the first creep crossing with no way around it.

There is more to this trail than meets the eye. There is a lightly trafficked off trail somewhat left just before you get to the bench. You can follow that up the mountains. Very difficult and dangerous. Dont try it when wet.

The trail is open on select weekends. You can check the status on the US Army Garrison-Hawaii Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/usaghawaii

The access is on the Schofield post. Call 808 655 1434 for information when the gate is open. It's a very quick hike and not hard. There were a lot of little kids doing it. You can make it in 10 minutes.

So many mosquitos! bring bug spray. Still so worth it! Very beautiful and organized garden. Majority of it is stroller accessible.

The staff at the front desk were really helpful and sweet. Don't forget the bug spray! It's a short walk, not really a hike, but it was beautiful.

Great workout!

This hike was fun just never got to do the loop cause my gps so ii had to turn around cause the military joint base so ii walked back the same way. But other then that this hike is awesome a lot of birds and the views are beautiful. Ii love being out door.

Not really "hiking trail" however it's a gorgeous botanical garden! Beautiful stroll!

I never did this trail yet, but would love to go with someone who has been and is a safe smart hiker. Anyone interested in taking me 30 yr old woman who loves the outdoors. Not a advanced hiker but I have done quite a bit of hikes and love a challenge. My name is Jenyce Tolentino if you're serious about inviting me i'm on facebook. Also to different trails not just this one! Hope to hear from someone!!

It was a cute and wonderful morning walk! ladies at the front desk where so sweet

Bring LOTS of bug spray. Moderately shaded. Easy for toddlers and older kids. I was disappointed with how small the trail was.. I was hoping for something a bit longer to keep the kids occupied.

It was a nice hike with 2 nice lookouts. Took me a total of about 2 hours to complete the hike. The trail is can be hard to follow at times but just follow the ribbons. If it's moist out the terrain can be a bit slippery so be cautious. I was expecting more of a strenuous hike seeing as how the rating is hard but I would say it's more on the moderate side. There was also a bit of ducking under trees and growth often toward the end of the trail.