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This ocean front beach walk in Wailea is my favorite early morning walk. Start before dawn (easy if you've just come from the mainland and are jet lagged) and watch the sun come up over Haleakala. A Smoothie stand in the middle is a great place for a break. Look for turtles in the rocky areas just off shore. Several beach access points provide parking, showers, and bathrooms.

Was great fun from the lighthouse on following white stone markers across the lava rock trail. Papaya tree had fruit at the second beach and was small but tasty.

It's a busy trail, but it's mostly flat and paved. The difficulty is definitely easy as others said.

worth the hike to the secluded beaches with many great views and interesting terrain

Easy hike, nude beach at the beginning. Saw a homeless guy droppin a deuce on the trail, but from San Fran so used to it!

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Great trail. The loose terrain makes it challenging. Highly recommend hiking boots or thick soles on your shoes

Was beautiful and not the least bit hard. Paved and breathtaking views

Beautiful views easy walking. So glad I got the opportunity to walk it

Easy walk!

Easy walk. Amazing view of the coast. Awesome!

Great hike. Wear solid shoes - hat -water snack sunscreen. Winds are extremely storing especially by the light house. The views are unreal. Full sun exposure.
It's an omg type of hike - just amazing to see the volcanic rock - colors Of the ocean and the coral beach

Lovely easy walk! Can be crowded go early.

Loved this trail. Mostly on lava rock so good soles needed. Hiking sandals are great as you will want to get your feet wet as you pass many secluded beaches. Great hidden pools in the lava rock cliffs, best is just below the light beacon. Bring water...mostly exposed and hot.

LOVED walking this! The difficulty on this entry is incorrect. Should be labeled easy.

The view from the top is amazing! If your starting from Oneuli Beach don't start from the parking lot unless you want to bush whack through thorn bushes. Instead walk about 30 feet back up the gravel road and take the trail between the two biggest stumps.

Not sure why labeled as hard...unless your counting moving around a bunch of haoles who aren't paying attention. Then I'd understand the rating.

Nudey beach. So it's interesting. Right next to my favorite beach anywhere. There use to be a drum circle there on Sunday nights at sunset with a bunch of fun people. Fire dancers and all. If you go be open minded and expect to see some old naked guys and if your lucky some nude beauties.

Pretty nice spot. Use to spearfish here A LOT. Some good shore fishing too down at the end off the cliffs. Those lava rocks are mean. so be careful. Those suckas hurt.