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I'm solo hiking this trail 12/2 in the early morning. Anyone looking to join please reach out to me at richardanthonyjr@gmail.com or direct message me on instagram: earth_being

Yea it's not a loop hike it's best out and back to the waterfall but beautiful two pugs handled it like champions there not your average dogs though!

2 days ago

We did this hike on an overcast day and that was a good idea. The weather was cool, a bit windy, gust probably up to 30 mph. The entry point is on Kalaau Street, not Kuliouou Rd. It's in a residential area, so street parking is limited. The trail entrance is a bit hidden, off to the right of the gated utility bldg for the water company. Plan for a 4 hour hike, in and out, with 12 rope areas to help you get up and down some steep/slippery areas. It is a lot of uphil trekking to get to the peak, based on my fit bit, the equivalent of 150 floors. If you go on a hot, sunny day, you will need a decent amount of water. Dress appropriately for a cooler day, it gets chilly up there. It's worth it, the views are spectacular. Coming back down can be harsh on your knees, so a word of caution there.

fairly easy. when the path spilts into 2, go down not up

Hi everyone,

I did this hike with my boyfriend in July. We took the Moanalua Middle Ridge Trail to the Stairs. I'd love to give anyone tips/ share my experience with the hike.

Feel free to contact me at j.annegabuten@gmail.com

Good luck and have fun!

Hi all! I'll be visiting December 15-21 and I'd love to do this trail. If anyone is interested in joining or has any tips please hit me up! apgalleg@gmail.com @aaabril_ (instagram)

3 days ago

Great hike. Nice and muddy, but definitely worth it.

aloha guys! Been here 3 years and still haven't done this hike! Im thinking about doing it 11/3 Saturday ... dm on Instagram @babys_world if you wanna go! : ) you could also email me elizabeth_navarr0@yahoo.com

I'll be on the island for the next three months and would love to do this hike!!
Anyone looking to join me or even hit up other hikes, feel free to email me!

Great work out but can be pretty rough on the knees coming down. Beautiful view at the top!

nice hike great views

on Koko Crater Trail

4 days ago

When you start up the hill on this one you will ask yourself, am I crazy? Trust me, the workout alone is one you will not forget, but when you get to the top and you see the view of the Ka Iwi Coastline to your back and Maunalua Bay in the front, you will be glad you did it. Regulars do this hike in under 30 minutes and some of them do 5 laps for their Saturday morning workout. You will figure out who they are right away. Enjoy it.

Loved the rope climbing at the top of the trail, beautiful views!

Hi all,

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I'm a solo Traveler looking to explore Hawaii this weekend (12/2-12/5). If you want to hike or anything else adventurous, please hit me up.

email: davidwang2014@gmail.com
insta: daybedwang

4 days ago

quick and easy little hike

It starts from a guarded neighborhood.
A guard will give you a red card with instructions how to get to the starting point and where to park a car.
He told me: "If all the parking slots are occupied then enter into the forrest and park there".
On a card will be the number of your car. I arrived at 09:45 am and my car was #10.
When I arrived to the starting point a young lady already was returning :)
The hike is not easy at all even though on my way back I met two hikers in flip-flops and a family with three kids, two of them they carried in hands. I do not know how they managed to climb to the top.
Better to wear good hiking boots, even though I managed it in snickers which were totally in mud at the end.
Total distance on my watch was 9.07 km from parking lot to the top and back.
Time 3h 38min for me and plus 15-20 minutes to enjoy the stunning views on the summit.
I was making a lot photo and video during the hiking. I never seen such beautiful views before.
Definitely my best hiking experience at the time being.
Highly recommend this trial to prepared hikers.
Once again it is not easy at all.

Nice trail. Super muddy but I wouldn't have it any other way. Will take you to the top of the Haiku stairs. The end point is worth the work!

Well worth it! Great hike, but not a killer - amazing view at the top!!!

Hello all!

Good afternoon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I am a solo traveller, and l will be there from Dec 24 to Jan 7. If you wanna hike, any outdoor activity or some adventure around Waianae. Please hit me up. Can't wait to enjoy the nature.

My email is changzhu0329@gmail.com. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing messages from you.

Have a great day.