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Amazing trail ...wife got spooked by the birds but she made it and was awwed

Amazing trail ...wife got spooked by the birds but she made it and was award

Hi everyone! I had posted here maybe a few months ago about this hike. I offered to help anyone with tips and details about it. I still am very interested in doing so. I had mentioned in my previous post that before doing this hike with my boyfriend - we had tried to reach out to people who had done the hike before, just to get some insight on it but we never got answers back, which I thought was pretty sad. So I want to be a huge help to anyone who is planning to do this!

Email me if you have any questions and want to know my experience with this hike. I'll be more than happy to help.


The first 1/3 of the trail was pretty boring, then you get maybe 2 good views before you're trekking through mud and an ass load of bugs. The waterfall was cool and intimate, but looked too stagnant to be jumped into. I don't regret going, but I wouldn't do it again

1 day ago

Great hike but not for beginners or kids, my company did the summit hike and after we passed the 'this trail is impassible' sign we hit very narrow ledges and sketchy cliff side trails. About an hour in it started raining and after all 80 of us had tromped and slipped our way through ankle deep mud we hit the summit and then had to make the trek back which was worse because you could no longer keep your footing. If you plan on taking this trail know that it is actually 11 miles if you hit the summit and back and if it rains you should be careful and possibly turn back.

One of my favorite hikes on the island so far. Me and my group of around 15 got to the top and halfway to the very end in around an hour. I wore my combat boots and had no problems but some of the group with worn tennis shoes slipped on the loose gravel. If it rains you're in for a very muddy experience because the whole trail is dirt and rock so be careful. If you're coming to Oahu for a vacation you should definitely try out this hike while you're here

Loved this trail! Beautiful, sad it's illegal but also good to preserve it.

Embrace the mud and you will enjoy the hike even more . Bring old shoes if you have any. Hike is about 2.56 miles round trip on garmin 610. Took me 44 min to get to falls and about 40 to get back.

Easy! Great falls

Easy to get to! Pretty falls

It is not an easy trail going up after the pavement ends and many hikers on the day we went were not prepared for the rough pathway at the switch backs. The bonus is the view!

2 days ago

it's a great walk to people watch!

Hello all who are coming to Oahu and are trying to hike the haiku stairs (or the stairway to heaven as it's known around here). Everyone who is asking for guides, there are none because the stairs have been closed down due damage and it is now illegal to hike them.

Honestly, once you reach the middle and you can see the waterfalls off in the distance - it's worth it. There really is no need to go further. Maybe if you were going in the AM for sunrise, it would certainly be worth the view.
The hike is very muddy - so there are walking sticks at the second gate. Return them on your way back.
We hiked it with our son (21lbs 7 month old) in a carrier. You can take a baby, but unless your kid is over 5 - I wouldn't suggest letting them walk that, as it is slightly challenging.
The decent is hard on your knees if you have knee issues -so be mindful of that.
Other than that, it was pretty! Hot, but pretty. As I said though, going up the entire way isn't worth it unless your going for sunrise.

Perfect for the kids.

Hi guys me and my girlfriend going to Hawaii on March 2017 this will be our third time in Hawaii but we have never been gone to this trail, want to try it out this time ^^ Just looking some people who has experienced on this trail to take us there ! Or who's planning to go on March please let me know so that way I can join you guys ^^ on my email please thank you npav.supatchai78@gmail.com