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trail locations for Hawaii

Kinda easy, kinda boring. Nothing special about this hike and LOTS and LOTS of tourist groups.

Very easy, beautiful hike. BUT there is a secret second waterfall you can hike too. Pretty sure it's illegal and it's VERY dangerous but somehow my friends and I managed to find it and hike it. Scariest experience of my life but so absolutely amazing and thrilling! Worth it, but don't know if I'd have the balls to do it again.

Does anyone know what the current guard situation is? Are the fines heavily enforced, what time should one get up and down to avoid and troubles? Some people wrote they even had a chat with a guard but that sounds odd since its pretty much there only job to keep people away from the track.
Any feedback is highly appreciated!

1 day ago

This is a difficult trail in both incline and hard clay & rocky soil. It is an definite advantage to bring hiking poles and boots. The views are spectacular. Do not attempt if rainy weather is forecasted and the trail almost becomes impassable.

Amazing hike but difficult during or after it rains. Pack plenty of food and water. I went through three liters without going to the bathroom once. Also, make sure to follow the ribbons tied to the trees once you get on Hanakapiai Trail (after Na Pali). If you do start hiking the wrong trail, which happened to us and judging by other reviewers it happens often, do not be alarmed. Just retrace your steps, find the first split, and look for the correct path with a ribbon tied to a nearby tree. Finally, plan at least 8 hours in case flash flooding stands you on either side of the river during the falls hike. Challenging hike but well worth it in the end. Felt like Rocky afterwards!

Amazing hike with great views, but challenging during or after rainfall.

Great short hike. Parts are very muddy so wear appropriate shoes. The trail is easy to follow but the stream offers options to stray from the beaten path and explore a bit. Both treks I've made have been moderately trafficed, plenty of time not in sight of other until you get to the falls itself. it can get a bit crowded at the falls. Can make photo ops difficult as people are usually hanging out in the falls. Still the falls are beautiful and a great places to rest before heading back. Highly recommend if you have a free afternoon

1 day ago

gorgeous views. can get muddy at times

trail running
1 day ago

The whole trail is easily 14+ miles! I made it to mile 6.5 before having to turn back due to time constraints. I was extremely lucky to run on a dry day. the first 5 miles are full of technical single track trail with uneven, rocky, and muddy terrain, but are still runable as long as you have hiking poles for stability. There are multiple spots where you could lose balance easily and fall a great distance down. After mile 5, however, the trail is so overgrown, wet, and slippery(spots of smooth,wet rock are common) that I was forced to walk slowly. I am certain I was within 1 mile of the summit, but I had already reached my 3hour climb limit and had to turn around. I was chasing daylight towards the end. 5 and a half hours with breaks for food and pictures.

Easy trail. Pools are nice.

By far my favorite hike on Kauai. Here's a video from our hike

2 days ago

Beautiful hike with spectacular views! The trail is VERY muddy!!

I will be in Oahu Oct 26th-Nov 2nd. My girlfriend and I are looking to hike the stairs with some people! Anybody interested shoot me an email. Nolandcassidy@gmail.com

I will be on Oahu from maui, oct 29th through nov 2. I will be hiking this trail and would love a companion. hit me up at mtheorydrums@gmail.com

Located behind PCC. Drive down until you see a green no trespassing sign to the left. Park there. Walk the trail all the way down until you reach a farm metal shed turn left, cross over the stream and follow the trail. As long as you keep walking up stream you will reach the waterfall. :)

Was a pretty simple hike. Trail wasn't marked but all paths head to the blowhole. Walk along the water to the lighthouse and then just keep going until you hit the water again. There are tide pools just below the lighthouse that look pretty cool.