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trail locations for Woodstock, Georgia
6 days ago

Poor setup....not safe for hikers....should have days for biking only and days for hiking only....bikers will run you over! I only gave it 2 stars!

mountain biking
2 months ago

lots of options due to smaller loops

Hiked Avalanche 1, 2 and 3...in snow! Was a treat for this snow-loving northerner to get to experience a great trail and some winter weather. No bikes to contend with because of the weather. Really enjoyed this hike and think it's on the easier end of the moderate scale - great if you're looking to up your distance without adding elevation gain just yet.

great if I could figure out how to get out once in awhile. totally my fault. need colour marks for directionally challenged

3 months ago

These seem to be excellent trails for bikers, however if you intend on hiking it's not the best. Those on bikes don't make any attempt to slow down if they're coming toward you which can be challenging if you have a dog and must jump out of the way. If you enjoy paved paths there's a significantly shorter yet beautiful area to walk along.

trail running
4 months ago

Mtn bike trails- lot of switchbacks and pumps. Restroom completion is on way.

Love this trail.

4 months ago

It's an ok hike. The best part is the jumping cliff!

6 months ago

A gem of nature tucked a amidst concrete and "civilization"

fly fishing
9 months ago

on Olde Rope Mill Park

10 months ago

If you're looking for a "hiking" trail this is not your best choice. One side has a trail that's last about 15 minutes by the rivers and trees and the other side, which is suposibly the trail, is a concrete walkway.
Beautiful river though.

Great for a good local morning or after work hike

on Olde Rope Mill Park

trail running
1 year ago

Great mountain biking trails for trail running.

The trail's landscape is beautiful. However, the trails are poorly marked. Apparently the direction of travel for hikers and bikers are opposite of one another. The direction of travel differs by day as well, which isn't clearly stated on the trails themselves. It would be helpful if the direction of travel is posted throughout the paths including who (hikers or cyclists) should walk where on which day.

Some of the bikers are rude and off putting, especially if you get the direction of travel wrong. If you have a thick skin and patience go for it!