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My wife and I did this trail today and it was fantastic. Stop at the Inn to have your packed in lunch then head out to the approach trail and back to the lodge.

18 days ago

Hard to find but worth the drive. I encountered only two people (both on bikes) while hiking. Very dog friendly. My pup loved the creek crossings and laughed at me when I lamented wet shoes. Full loop took us only 3 or so hours. Beautiful forest and quiet. The Gannett poplar was amazing but horribly scarred by others carving the trunk.

great river views

My family and I day-hiked this trail today. It is one of the more strenuous trails in the area, but we enjoyed the challenge. There are not many views along the trail other than the small section of clearing at the Hike Inn. The inn did provide a nice place to rest and enjoy our lunch.

great family camping.

Great day hike

Great loop trail starting at the Appalachian Trail access parking lot up to Springer mountain to the Southern terminus of the AT then along the AT and back via the Benton MacKaye Trail. Don't miss the scenic view of the mountains along the BMT.

I live in Florida so I flew to Atlanta, rented a car and drove about an hour north of Atlanta to Dawsonville, Ga. just for this hike. The trailhead is located in the Amicaclola Falls state park. It is a meandering hike through woods to the Hike Inn. Lots of people day hike to the Inn, grab a snack and hike back. If you have the opportunity, book a stay at the Hike Inn. Great people, sunrise and awesome food. If you have a 2 night stay planned, wake up early the 1st morning and hike to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the AT. It is about an 8 mile round trip journey back to the Inn so you will be primed for another great dinner at the Inn.

Great hike! Bring plenty of water

1 month ago

Beautiful but I would rate the hike as a black skiing mountain! Trail not well marked. Got lost and ended up hiking a total of 11.4 miles. Some very steep inclines. Not for kids unless you want to end up carrying them or shooting yourself from the whining.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Awesome! Great for the kids!

3 months ago

Well, me and my uncle decided to go for a hike to Bear Creek Trail. While hiking the trail we heard loud screams. Thinking nothing of it we kept moving until we got to the Gennett Poplar Tree. While looking at the tree that we came here to see, I started taking pictures while not noticing that there was something up in the tree. Walking down to the tree I started to read sketching sick people wrote into the tree. Examining the beauty of the tree, as I looked up I saw a baby bear cub up on one of the limbs. Usually meaning the mama was really close by. While this bear was looking into my soul, I instantly took off. Keeping in mind that it would have taken the bear a few minutes to get down that tree. Let's just say we hightailed it out of there! We now understand why it is called bear Creek Trail. LOL!