trail locations for Clarkesville, Georgia

Very Beautiful! Scenery along the trail is great and the falls at the end are amazing.

Purple butterfly's and garden of Eden feel! Beauty surrounds you!

Easy pretty hike. Did the hike with a 2 and 5 year old and had no problems. When you get to the day parking area follow the road back to the trail head and park there.

easy fun hike.

6 months ago

Hemlock Falls Trail is a quick, mile and a half trail located near Lake Burton in Clarkesville, Georgia. The trail features several smaller falls and a few raging rapids along Mocasin Creek.

We came after a heavy rain the day before, so the trail was thick with mud and water hazards, but this also meant that several springs feeding the creek from high up in the hills were overflowing with gushing water. This was a sight to behold!

The trail itself is very well maintained. There were freshly cut logs alongside the path, suggesting rangers or volunteers had recently come through to clear trail-impeding trees that had fallen over. Rocks and roots are present, but are not a problem for those paying attention to the surroundings. There were only a handful of people out on the trail, making the trek feel more isolated than its proximity to busy Lake Burton would suggest.

This is a great little trail that would make an excellent addition to a longer day's hiking. I definitely recommend.

GREAT trail! Very wet trail but the views are GREAT. It was a easy trail. Wonderful area at the end to sit and enjoy the waterfall or start a fire and camp.

For a flatlander the change in elevation was a little deceiving on the "easy" rating. Still, slope was mild and it's all downhill on the way back.

10 months ago

Easy trail with gorgeous views! A hiking must if you're in the area!

Really easy with three waterfalls; the last one at the end of the trail is spectacular.

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1 year ago

Great trail with a fun payoff.

Nice hike with lovely views throughout. Brooks and streams cross the path making it pretty muddy, so wear appropriate shoes. There are spots to stop and swim along the way but the best is the swimming hole at the end of the traill.

2 years ago

Good payoff for an easy day-hike. Nice place to dip in the pool or just relax by the water.
We went yesterday and there were a lot of blowdowns on the trail, one of which we had to climb over. There were a lot of people but it did not feel crowded.

Nice trail, wet in spots due to recent rains. Very nice falls with a lot of water coming over the falls. There was a light rain when we started the hike. Saw a lot of Rhodos in bloom. Will do it again in the Fall.

almost don't want to tell people about this place so we can keep it to ourselves. great hike and swimming in the falls was such a delightful treat. a must do if you are in the area!

Definitely one of GA hidden gems. We spent half the day there, and only saw a few people on the trail. We had the whole swimmimg hole to ourselves. Took 5 pre-teen - teens with us and had no issues with the trail and they never complained about being bored. Will definitely be back!

If you dont continue past the bridge,then you missed the big fall.Well worth walking the narrower,rough trail.Might be hair raising with children. My golden retriever was scared of the bridge trying to find a way on either side to cross but he loved the trail as we continued.Walking up above the last fall and being able to step out on the rocks and look down was awesome. There are two sets of steps cut out of rock leading down when you first reach the upper falls. You experience a feeling of storyland and wonder for your eyes feast on all the beauty.The weather was spectacular today too,but only saw one couple during our 4 hour stay. Also at the last fall, the campfire had been left by someone ready to be lit.It would be the ideal place on a hot day to picnic and swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall.