trail locations for Augusta, Georgia
1 month ago

My fiance and I love this trail, it's one of our favorites to date. Moderate foot traffic depending on time of day and there are some great little hidden gems along the way.

Beautiful park and trail. The park is actually a "bird sanctuary" and you see/hear so many birds on the trail. This is in my city so I decided to check it out one day and like Jim said, it feels like you are miles away from urban life! I would do it again.

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery, easy walking/biking trail, moderate traffic

4 months ago

This trail is one of Augusta's hidden gems as many people STILL don't realize it's there. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, the trail is well maintained, and it's a fairly moderately trafficked area. There's a bike rental shop that's open a few days a week and I also noticed that there's a kayak rental depot, both of which offer opportunities to take in more of the surrounding area. All in all, this is one of my favorite places to go for stroll and it's perfect for beginners looking to get started biking/walking/running as the terrain is very forgiving.

Something for everyone. Walkers,runners (great shaded areas along the path), bikers (easy to moderate trails on and off the main path), kid friendly, rentals for bikes and kayaks, Porta potty's on the trail, great scenery, well maintained. Overall a great place to spend a couple hours to enjoy being outside.

on Augusta Canal Trail

1 year ago

I would love to come back and complete this again by biking or kayaking..awesome scenery!

The canal path, while pleasant, it is a pretty lame hiking trail. It is a vehicle service road which is primarily used by bikers, runners and other related activities. This is what I would consider a great running location due to the lack of obstacles and that it is primarily unpaved. For hiking you are not really in a forest, and not really a trail. If you are out for a light walk it is probably nice but someone looking to get a hike in I consider it very boring. There are other trails which I consider better hiking in the area.

trail running
1 year ago

I run this park with my dog a couple times a week. It's not exactly a long or challenging trail, but it's a nice little surprise for being in the middle of the city.

Such a well kept trail! Very nice, wide paths great for biking and walking or running.
Peaceful, uncrowded atmosphere.
Come here after it rains to spot many different kinds of mushrooms all along the trail~!
We found a calvatia cyathiformis that we got to take home, have ID'd by a mycologist online, and then fry up with some butter and garlic. Mmmm. :)
The trail runs along the side of the river, and you can even rent single person canoes to go boating in.
Also, enjoy all of the snazzy looking rich-people houses as you find your way to the entrance. xD

3 years ago

A fantastic wide walking or bike riding path along the river. Quiet, great views of the river. Loved it!

4 years ago

This is not a trail. Just a boardwalk for bird watching.

If you like short walks that make you feel as though you are hundreds of miles away from urban life while being only blocks away, then this is the trail for you. Varied topography, vegetation and trail surface.

4 years ago

I give it 2 stars

love taking my bike out on the canal.

Amazing run!! Ran this yesterday.

5 years ago

While it isn't the most exciting of trails I did enjoy walking this particularly for the natural factor. It's a well kept and wide trail frequently painted with mothers pushing kids, runners and a plethora of man's best friends. I haven't walked the trail in it's entirety...yet. It is complete with the occasional Port-a-potty for those who aren't comfortable with utilizing the woods and it is laced with points of interest throughout the trail. I like that it is bordered on the sides by the river and the canal. Makes for some great pictures and variety of wildlife. The only way to increase the level of difficulty is if you were to attempt to do the whole trail in a day. The entire trail is about 11 miles long so to go in and back out may take 7-8 hours if you're straight walking. If you're like me and enjoy stopping to take pics, write or simply enjoy being outside it'll take longer.