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on High Shoals Scenic Area and Falls T...
2 hours ago

on Arabia Mountain PATH Trai...
1 day ago

BEWARE ON 8/21 my car window was smashed and my car was burglarized. We parked at the Evan Mills trail head. The hike was awesome, but a hard lesson learned to not bring any valuables. The police told us it happens "almost every day."

on Neels Gap to Blood Mounta...
1 day ago


go on a weekday in late august and have it to yourself which is what i did. blood mountain is unusual in north georgia in that a lot of the trail is bare rock so is not overgrown even in the summer. i have done this climb a dozen times so it was totally familiar and soon i was on the summit slab in the cool breeze. it is usually a zoo on summer weekends so be forewarned. i will return in october to see the colors.

on Wetlands Center of Clayto...
1 day ago

trail running

Great place, not too long of a run, about 1 mile if you do all 3 loops, but beautiful reserve tucked in a place you'd never find - thanks All trails! Nice walk, run or place to get away

on Amicacola Falls Trail
2 days ago


Gorgeous falls! Just a vision of natural beauty! I started the trail from the Visitor's Center. It was actually rather difficult, steep although it is paved. There was an elderly gentleman that trekked up with his family and was really struggling 3/4 of the way to the top. We offered our help and water but he refused. On our way back down, a couple of unrelated gentlemen and his son (I presume) was practically carrying him down. I felt terrible for him. Maybe not a trail for the elderly in the July heat.

When you get to the end of the actual trail there is a lower observation deck. Very nice view from here. There is also a high observation deck in which you must climb maybe 175 steps or so, I believe, to get to it. I was 1 week away from major surgery for a serious health condition, so I had to pass on that one, unfortunately. The steps are crowded, grated and people are not very observant of their children sometimes, which makes me crazy.

Overall, beautiful woodland scenery, educational signage, glimpses of wildlife at times (spring lizards) - just a very pleasant nature experience!

on Swift Cantrell Park
2 days ago


I like the 1 mile loop walking trail - very smooth and relatively flat, slight elevation in spots. A nice trail to get in a walk or run after work or take your dog to the small or large dog parks, if you wish. Nice large field to play soccer, frisbee, catch, fly a kite, picnic, etc. Nice pavilions and restroom facilities as well as playground equipment for the kiddies. The skatepark is amazing (not that I skateboard, ha ha).

Now, there are some negatives. It can be a very crowded park,especially early weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons. There are the pesky skateboarders that love to speed down the walking path (and almost run you down) instead of staying on the skatepark section. There are some that choose to ride their bicycles on the path as well, which is not a problem unless the path is jammed with people.

And then there is the strange dude that rides his bike with the confederate flag, a.m radio playing, wearing "Foxcatcher" shorts (if you seen the movie, you know what I am talking about). He doesn't talk to anyone that I have seen and he sometimes just sits on his bike and watches people. He is probably harmless, but strange nonetheless.

I recommend this trail - just be weary of the time you go. There is an overflow lot at the elementary school around the corner. And watch out for the skaters!

on High Shoals Scenic Area a...
2 days ago

Amazing! It's best to go during the week when there is less people. When you find the first waterfall don't turn back there's more!! Keep going down the trail and there are more turnoffs to falls. You can even swim there! It looks like a dream. Luscious falls, boulders, butterfly's, flowers,... All it's missing is fairies.

on Iron Hill Trail
2 days ago


Love the blue trail! Nice and level - great for even little dogs with small legs :) Circles the lake (lots of lake views, including cool little coves) and there are places to cut down to the water for picnics, swim or just watch the boaters on the lake.

The only section that is iffy (water wise) is the side with the old campground - you can't swim on that side, lots of rocks and branches in the water (no swimming signs posted). The picnic tables on that side are covered in moss and the area is over-grown. Kind of a shame, actually.

A great place to get a nice walk in or spend the day!

on Lake Trahlyta Trail
2 days ago

Easy gravel trail. You hike along the lake then there is a little walk to an amazing waterfall. You can't even tell its there until you get there. It's great. There is a little beach at the lake and a tone of places to stop and sit.

on Anna Ruby Falls Trail
2 days ago


Lovely waterfall!! Nice observation deck at the start of the trail, cute gift shop and clean restroom facilities also. The trail to the falls is paved but relatively steep. It is a short trail, however. Not really any protective railings for children (saw a lot of parents that really should pay more attention to their young kids). Saw a copperhead snake on the trail as well so be careful :)

Have fun and enjoy!!

on Long Creek Falls Trail
2 days ago


on Laurel Ridge Trail
2 days ago

New to trail running! This was a perfect start. Picturesque and peacful especially for this NY boy!