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Nice waterfall easy walk

We visited the 1996 Olympics and walked around the venues and Centennial Olympic Park, played in the Fountain of Rings, strolled across the Great Lawn, watched basketball in the Georgia Dome and enjoyed several of the track and field events. Atlanta was a great host, and put on quite a production with the new stadium (at the time) for the diverse population of visitors. Marred by a bomb blast on July 27th, the Olympic Spirit was shaken but undeterred in promoting healthy competition and goodwill around the world. If you are in Atlanta, check out this historic area downtown.

I was lucky to be able to spend a few days in and around the park during the first week of the 1996 Olympics, including attending several sporting events nearby (men's basketball and gymnastics in the Georgia Dome and weightlifting in the World Congress Center). We haven't been back since the Georgia Aquarium was built...need to visit again.

Challenging for a beginner. Pay close attention to trail markers and your step. It's easy to trip on rocks. Pretty views up top and creek in ravine.

Pleasantly surprised by our experience here! It's definitely busy, but the path is wide enough to accommodate easy passing. Not a hiking trail by any stretch of the imagination, but more scenic than typical suburban park trails. Enjoyed the creek views and informational signs about all the tree types along the way.

This was a great hike. I recommend staying on the trail when you get to the rocky area. This get pretty hairy. Beautiful area.

2 days ago

Just finished this trail today. It's a good hike through fairly dense forest crossing small creeks at a few places. Not heavily traveled so it's very serene. Scenic, though there are not really any significant views that I could see. It goes uphill most of the way to the AT, and it was somewhat strenuous at the pace I chose to take it. This is the kind of trail I prefer; it offers a moderate amount of physical exertion but little actual danger or tricky situations. The trail itself is well blazed most of the way and very clearly visible throughout.

After reaching the intersection of the AT, having a little extra time and energy, I elected to follow that trail south for about 1.5 or 2 miles to Preacher's rock overlook. Though not on this trail, that overlook was really great and totally worth the extra miles, especially considering most of the way back was downhill. Though, that overlook can be reached more easily by parking at the Woody Gap parking lot; it's only about a mile or so from there. So if Preacher's rock is your goal, this trail isn't the best way to reach it, though going the shorter way you'll trade the miles for solitude; that route it pretty heavily trafficked. Coming back to this trail, it was a really good walk through scenic forest and I'll definitely recommend it.

One of my favorite places to be. I can't wait to go back down and hike another portion of the trails in the state park! This turned out to be a long and arduous hike, we wound up doing right at 12 miles that day. Sans map!!

2 days ago

We did the upper trail last summer...pretty easy over all and good for a short hike to pass a few hours. I've loved sprewell bluff since I was a little girl. I will always go back home and hike it.

It was a nice trail..we went on behind the office/gift shop. It was a nice long hike but not very challenging. It's close to home so I might do it again just out of convenience. Definitely well maintained.

2 days ago

My first ever legit hike. We went to the floor and came out the rim, omg I thought I'd wasn't going to make it. This one definitely tested me but I won. It was a great feeling coming out the trail head on the other side. I will definitely do it again!!

We did this one back in June 2016...a long trail if you do the whole thing. The Bears were active though we didn't see them we did smell them! It was a great hike, I might do it again.

rock climbing
2 days ago

I didn't do the trail, I used the rocks in the creek and climbed them for a couple of hours. I look forward to going back and hiking the trail! It's beautiful.

My family and I day-hiked this trail today. It is one of the more strenuous trails in the area, but we enjoyed the challenge. There are not many views along the trail other than the small section of clearing at the Hike Inn. The inn did provide a nice place to rest and enjoy our lunch.

Good trail and easy hike. Perfect for an evening activity.

2 days ago

Great 2 hour hike to bring the dogs on. Very flat, more like just walking thru the woods. Trail follows the water's edge which is awesome to run down and take a dip or let the dogs cool off.

Shaded for the most part but a few sunny patches. Some inclines and not too many stumps or rocks. An easy walk or a moderate trail run. Fairly secluded although there is a section where the trail runs behind people's homes. $2 per person entrance fee.

Most of the trail is shaded. Went in August and passes only a couple along the way.

Steep incline to the top. Very open and sun exposed. Went on 09/24/16 and there were lots of people.