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mountain biking
3 days ago

Most of these are really mountain bike trails and not so much hiking trails. There's a couple hiking only trails to the old rope mill, but I'd stick to Kennesaw Mtn or Pine Mtn to get any real hiking cardio in.

Perfect for a fairly flat relaxing hike

3 days ago

Super windy at Emerald but worth it! The hike from Dream Lake up to Emerald would recommend microspikes and poles, the rest of the hike was snow pack and beautiful. Got there early expecting a crowd, got back to trail head around 10:30 and the parking lot was barely half full.

A decent hike near a beautiful lake. You have to buy an $8 recreation pass at the local marina (or elsewhere). The attendant at the marina won't take cards unless you spend at least $10. The trail itself is winding, mostly unmarked, and easy to lose and find again with the lake on one side.

3 days ago

Just hiked up to Silver Lake on Saturday, Dec 3. Lots of snow, so snow shoes were a must. Thankfully some back country skiers knew the trail well (mostly) and had it tracked about an hour before I started. It was pretty deep snow in some places (up to my waist) and the snow shoes helped, but it was pretty strenuous. The views, even in the winter, are spectacular!!!

Nice waterfall. Many people and eroded environment. Best to go there in fall and winter if you want some solitude. Jones falls also can be visited from here: go on the closed forest road and connect to the AT, where the falls are marked

Very easy trail around a pond in Ogden. Hardly any elevation at all. Saw two homeless people, but they didn't pay any attention to me. Great for dogs… Especially if your dogs like ducks!

Awesome hike! we backpacked in and camped the first night and completed the rest of the trail the next day. This trail is definitely challenging, even before you get to the skyline trailhead. But it's nothing that can't be done! and it is well worth it. There are some amazing views along the way and plenty of decent water crossings to pump water if you need to. It's a great opportunity to get away, it was very quiet in most parts and we saw some wildlife including a white tail deer that came through our campsite early in the morning.

5 days ago

One of the most beautiful hikes that my dog and I have ever done! We hiked along the trail until we got to the river below the dam then hiked/ rock hopped along the river. Such a fantastic way to spend the day!

6 days ago


6 days ago

We hiked this route south to north. A beautiful area with little foot traffic on the Southern part of the route. I loved the long wondering meadows that took control of the first day of hiking. Day one is a bit long and a pretty strenuous climb over Mist Creek Pass. After reaching the Lamar Valley we came across numerous horse parties that had effectively destroyed the trails in the wet week we went. Unfortunately we only came across wolf and bear sign and never saw any animals. Not a beginners hike for the back country but absolutely worth the effort.

Absolutely my favorite place to hike!
There are plenty of trails to explore here. I do recommend bringing some trail markers, because not all the trails are marked and it is sometimes difficult to find the way back.

Read some reviews that were very negative. Almost stopped us from going. We found the main trail easy to follow. We did not need a seeing eye dog. look around and pay attention. Trail markers are an upright with arrors to keep you going in the correct direction. No major trash as reported. Yes there was some litter near the river. Did come across some soda cans which when we return to park with trash bags will retrieve. Scenery is very beautiful. Did not see anything but some birds. Nice walking trail.

Green belt is a good walking, running and biking path. Good stretch and good for family. Many activities include swimming, rafting, paddleboards, and fishing. Great for the family.