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Not much to see. The stairs into the sinkhole are well spaced, not to far apart. Makes for an easier climb up.

Very short loop. Stairway down to sink hole. Seem to be more of a fitness interest with visitors going up and down the stairs several times.

Short loop not far from residential areas. Not too much as far as wildlife is concerned. Fairly quiet as most visitors seem purely interested in the stairway into the sinkhole.

had a amazing time with the kids. they enjoyed it we did both the sinkhole trail and the trail around the sinkhole.

Hot. Not much to see. But, hey, it's Florida. Good luck finding a great trail anywhere in the whole state.

Beautiful walk

Love this trail! Great for a leisurely walk or for running. Beautiful views of the creek. The trail is also shaded, which keeps it quite a bit cooler on hot days.

short but sweet! it was worth the drive.

Check for ticks after! Very nice trail through woods. There are some moderate hills. There are a few trails in the San Felasco Park. Off of 53rd (Millhopper Road) Avenue there is a trail north and south of 53rd. There is another access for off-road biking and horseback of 441 (North). Both are excellent trails.

6 months ago


Only went on one trail but it was a good hike and the swampy land was beautiful. I recommend this trail.

looks nice, the sinkhole looks nice, trail is short and you can see a farmstead from the trail

There are over 50 miles of single track trails here at San Felasco Hammock and though they are used mainly for horseback riding & mt biking, they are great for hiking. Just yield to bikers. Weekdays are best to avoid mt bike traffic. I believe the trails here are some of the finest in the State. And if you're a mt biker, you will love this place.

One of the best trails around for road biking. Watch out for heavy pedestrian/rollerblade/stroller traffic the first couple of miles, but after that the traffic fades away and you get to experience many different ecosystems with little traffic (except the occasional cross street) to worry about. Hit up the trail early in the morning and you will likely see turkeys and deer, and maybe even a wild boar. Just don't get too relaxed, as these critters are unpredictable (I came up on a guy who had somersaulted his bike over a wild boar one time).

Really, the Gainesville-Hawthorne trail is one of the true gems in this area, a very scenic ride, and a great way to get some shaded exercise in the brutal Florida summer.

11 months ago

Fun trail. Will definitely go back to explore more