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2 months ago

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5 months ago

I've been hiking here for the last 3 years and I never get tire of it. It is so massive you could literally spend weeks exploring it. A variety of wild and plant life and space. I rarely see another person. I love it!!!

Awesome trail.

This a great rail to trail. I have uploaded pictures of it that I took three different days this week. I have ridden it from as far south as the Hernando County/Citrus County line to the Inverness Trailhead. It is a great trail loaded with lots of bicyclists (interesting how many of them are riding recumbent bikes) and some pedestrians. This rail to trail crosses many streets, and trail users at just about every one of these crossings have to yield the right of way to vehicular traffic, so pay attention. Bicyclists also have to yield to pedestrians. Horse riders are permitted on this trail but cannot ride on the pavement (though some do, as you will see from the photo). I uploaded photos from my rides on this trail over the past week. The canopies of trees are fabulous and the trail feels cool for cyclists even when the temps are in their 80s like it was this week. The Floral City Trailhead has a bathroom that was just built and it almost ready to open to the public. I didn't see any other public trail bathrooms along the portions I was on, so this is nice. A lot of business that back up to the trail have little paths from their trail to their business to invite trail users to detour in for a bite to eat, etc -- it's nice. Inverness's Trailhead has an iconic red caboose, a nod to the railroad origins of this trail. Inverness itself welcomes the bicyclists to come into their historic district just a short ride from the trailhead. Lots of places ot pock up your bikes in Inverness. Trailheads seem to be loaded with bike shops and bike rental places. There are periodic water bubblers along the trail; bring your own bottle and fill it at these spots to keep hydrated during your adventure.

1 year ago

Seminole Cross Trail - Heading east on 471 its less than a mile past Colt State Park on the left. One of the best trails as far as a variety of plants and wildlife. The trail path is very clearly marked and easy to navigate through. my recent visit included a sighting of two otters, an owl, one alligator, and a chupacabra.

2 years ago

3 years ago

It was my least favorite Florida hike yet. It is not really a trail as much as a service road, and you are in direct sunlight for 95% of the hike. Now that the enjoyable part is done, there are a lot of Flies called Yellow Flies, but the real ones live here. Don't bother with bug spray (useless), bring a full bee suite or you will know what it feels like to loose your mind. We planned a two day camp but as soon as we woke, started to plan our escape...

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4 years ago

beautiful for biking and well maintained

great area with lots of trails and very few other hikers. terrain is varied and wildlife is plentiful in areas.

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5 years ago

Great trail to ride! Lots of wild life between croon and floral city . ESP early am or around sun set.