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trail locations for Delaware
23 hours ago

A nice mix of water and woods. This trail was a joy although way too short.

A nice walk into the marshland. Starting from wildlife drive, the trail crosses a few hundred feet of boardwalk before hitting dry land. Then the trail splits into a loop, following waters edge first on the left trail and looping back through a more wooded trail.

Wife, dog, and I hiked the whole loop in late afternoon while staying at campground. Well maintained, very easy, with some nice overlooks of the pond. Only negative was short stretch on road that must be taken to complete loop, less than 0.2 miles, so not bad.

6 days ago

The Michael Castle trail is a mostly paved multi-use trail running along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal between the Maryland state line and Fort Delaware State Park in Delaware City, DE. It features excellent views of the canal and marshlands and woods along the canal and the historic areas along Canal Street in Delaware City, ending with views of the Delaware River from the state park. As of September 2016 there is still one short section, about 3/4 mile, near the US 301 bridge, that is not yet paved. Here the surface is packed gravel and it appears that the section is being prepared for paving.

There are several trailhead parking areas currently open and one that is completed near Lum's Pond that is constructed but wasn't open as of September 11, 2016. The others are street parking in Delaware City, off Main Street in Georgetown, and Biddle Point. All are paved parking with information kiosk and restrooms.

nice simple flat 5 miles. the pines were beautiful and gave some very nice scenery during the time there

APPLY INSPECT REPELLENT! It is a nice short hike through marsh, pines, sand. You start out and it's nice, about 1/3 of the way around things turned into a slight nightmare. The trail was very overgrown in spots, tall (6'+-) grass that you had to push your way through while being swarmed with gaint mosquitos and biting flies. Had a few bite marks, then more and more surfaced. Small welts 75+ from my arm pits down, I am covered in chigger bites. Luckily no ticks.

24 days ago

3 states down, 47 to go!

Hike here on a regular basis. Love it! Trails will give you a great workout! Offers a disc golf course also which is great but sometimes a little frustrating because trails run with the course and I always feel bad interrupting a groups effort in playing. Most groups are very courteous and all works out well! Would definitely recommend but be prepared to take time if it's your first time there. Great hiking!

Just walked here yesterday for the first time. Hills give you a great workout! Beautiful scenery while walking too. Love that it's so dog friendly!

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail doesn't really lead you to any of the docks to directly overlook the lake. You have to figure out how to do that on your own if you want more views than going through the woods. The trail is well kept and flat, but difficult to ride a bike at a decent pace because of all the people walking. This is one of the few trails at this park, so it's no surprise that it's the most popular.

If you are trying to avoid the crowds you can take a kayak in and see a lot more of the lake. I have uploaded 4 photos of my shots from the kayak. The cypresses growing out of the water in bunches and lily pads make for some really awesome scenery. I also saw a bunch of turtles hanging out on fallen trees.

The boat launch parking lot doesn't have a fee collector station, so you may be able to park there without paying. You could always park elsewhere and then ride a bike in to avoid the fee. I personally have a problem paying a fee especially when out of state patrons get charged more and I don't litter or use the restroom facilities.

Steep hill to start the hike around the reservoir. Nice views from the top. White Clay trails can be accessed from the walking path around the reservoir.

We took the pond trail loop (yellow markings on park map)...it was shaded except for one small section when you actually walk on Killens Pond Road. This trail circles completely around the pond. The paths are really nice switching from sand, wood chips, small gravel, board walk and dirt. We completed this in late August and not one mosquito! It is great for dogs since the trails are so nice and shaded.

Very flat. Great for a solid distance run. Not a very interesting hiking trail, in my opinion.

Good for family outing and descent 3 mile round distance.