hiked this and only ran into 3 people on the trail. liked it much better than the North Grove because of the solitude.

For a person coming from the Southwest, this hike was not hard, but it was not easy. The challenge was the steady steepness of the trail - the majority of the hike was an incline, so it made the descent nice going down, but still can take a toll on the knees! This trail will get you huffing and puffing, and get your heart pumping big time, but the views are heavenly and majestic. I went Sept time, and there was only one other person, so I felt I had the mountains all to myself!!!! Breathtaking views. Even small patches of snow in certain spots...good to put in your Cantine or camelback!

18 hours ago

Overall lovely experience.

The hike starts just off of I-70, and starts trudging uphill immediately. This would be a nice uphill walk through the woods, but with the proximity to the highway for the first mile, the traffic noise makes you feel like you are hiking ON the highway.

Not too far in, though, the noisy cars give way to the relief of the babbling brook just as the trail begins to flatten out. The trail then makes it's way through shady trees, over streams and opens to beautiful views of the changing Aspen this time of year.

The track begins it's ascension once again, this time with less tree cover and more expansive views. The next time it flattens is the most worthwhile, as it gives way to a small, hypercolor lake of blues, greens and turquoise, a perfect place for contemplation...

19 hours ago

Challenging but worth it!

First part of this trail is fairly difficult but then levels off and has beautiful views of creeks, wild flowers, and lakes.

Very nice, easy alpine lake hike.

Walked by my self a challenge on the yellow trail to the falls. Didn't make it almost went over the bridge had to return back to go to work. Will do again.

22 hours ago

We opted not to finish when we ran into a moose and his girlfriend. Beautiful creatures, beautiful hike. Will go back to reach the end!

This trail is beautiful! Great views of the creek, meadows and neighboring mountain sides along the way to the waterfall. Easy from the start but moderate for the last half of the trail. Be prepared to get your feet wet as you cross the creek a couple of times. Dog friendly and she loved it! Will definitely be back!

Didn't have much time, so only went in about 2 miles to the river where there is a great view into the valley. Tall pines and aspens, with plenty of water stops. Easy to park off paved road. There are places to camp after about a mile, lots of firewood.

Trails are suitable for almost anyone but I found the trails to be rather confusing. There's a number of junctures that you can get easily lost at. That being said. It was fun and you can see a lot of wildlife: deer, turtles, ducks, chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels galore. I think I may have seen a beaver but... it ran away! :(

on Jacobsburg Trail

1 day ago

1 day ago

Well kept trail just over 2 miles. Great place to walk dogs. Wide pathways for bikes and walkers. Plenty of wildlife including deer and herons seen during sunset walk. Love forest preserve system.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Once you get to the ridge, it's amazing! Great change in terrain as well. The downhill is excellent when the trail isn't clogged with pedestrians.

1 day ago

There was a lot more snow than I was expecting. I thought maybe a light snowfall. It was, however, very fun, incredibly beautiful, and worth the time.

This is a beautiful trail... Was able to act like a kid climb rocks and there is a cute stream that follows...