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trail locations for Connecticut
16 hours ago

I am a very frequent visitor to Macedonia Brook State Park and have done the route indicated by the map (up White Trail to Cobble Mountain and back) as well as the much longer (6.2 mile) circuit of the entire park on the blue trail, which also goes over the summit of Cobble Mt. I frequently hike up Cobble in winter. I would classify the White trail to the summit of Cobble as being an easy to moderate hike, certainly not hard, assuming good fitness. But it is steep and rocky and hiking boots and trekking poles are advised. As others have noted, the views to the west from the summit of Cobble are wonderful. If one takes the Blue trail north from the summit of Cobble one comes to a rock scramble (at UTM 18T, Easting: 624815 
Northing: 4626248) that requires moderate rock climbing skills to negotiate. This scramble could be dangerous for an inexperienced hiker. The track in the posted map appears to stop just short of this rock scramble.

1 day ago

Not bad for a quick easy walk.

Been hiking this trail for years it's a good one with great views and a nice moderate trail

This trail (Blue Trail)falls into the category of being one of the best hikes I have done this year. Most of the well marked trail was easy to moderate. Good cardio in several places. And then as you neared the top, the hard part kicked in. The leaf covered rocks were steep, wet and very slippery. It required scrambling with a touch of rock climbing in places. As Sierra F. mentioned, It is not a pet or child friendly area. The surrounding views from the vista were worth the climb. My grandson and I were fortunate to catch the waning days of fall color on this hike. The blue blazes are plentiful but very faded in many places. Enjoyed the hike and put it on my do again list for next year.

Excellent and somewhat challenging loop hike. Views were beautiful. The first 1/4 mile of descent was difficult mostly due to wet leaves and some snow on the rock scrambles. Total loop took a little less than 4 hours.

The newly blazed trail up the steep is a lot easier with a few switchbacks. Nice scenic 2 mile loop.

The river views are really nice with several small water falls along the way. Not much of a hike more like a simple walk, very easy trail.

This is the perfect Sunday morning hike. Some scrambling, decent climbs, and nice views. Well marked trails.

Parking isn't free anymore.

trail running
3 days ago

Great elevation gains and diversity of trails. Serious downhills and technical areas.

I hiked and reviewed this dog friendly trail last year. But the trail is so picturesque in the fall that it was a hike well worth doing again. This year we followed the Ramsdell Woods Trail and Quinebaug River Trail. This 9 mile loop highlighted the beauty of the Connecticut lakes, forest, and river. If you only do one hike a year, make it this one in October. Trail maps are available at the nearby Ranger Station or can be downloaded at http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Portals/74/docs/Recreation/WTL/WTLTrailMap.pdf.