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trail locations for Colorado
2 days ago

I really liked this trail. Easy access, challenging at times and then a low key winding path on the way back to the car lot.

2 days ago

My favorite 14er combo so far.
Be aware getting to the trailhead means driving up 3 miles of pretty gnarly road that required a high clearance vehicle, unless you don't care about your undercarriage. I saw Subarus bottoming out about a mile up; my friend's XTerra made it up without incident and we gave a couple hikers a ride up too. There is plentiful camping at the trailhead for anyone who wants to go up a day early and miss the traffic on I-70 or get in a couple extra hours of shuteye.
The hike itself is lovely. The start wanders through a valley with streams, wildflowers, and greenery. The climb begins in earnest and snakes up endless switchbacks. You don't really see the top of Grays until you're actually there. It was hike, water, rest, hike, water, rest, oh wait here we are! The summit was crowded but there is plenty of room to sit, take photos, have a snack, and high-five other hikers. If you decide to continue on to Torreys Peak the trail easily descends a saddle and climbs in earnest to the Torreys summit. The trail is rocky but stable with plenty of handholds. The descent was easy and goes back through the beautiful meadows and stream beds. Beautiful day!

2 days ago

Absolutely breathtaking 14ers summit loop. My friend and I got started around 7am and made it back to the car by 3pm. The climb up to Democrat is challenging but beautiful. Be aware you need to be mindful of footing as most of this hike is above treeline with a fair amount of rock and scree. Lincoln and Cameron were moderate rolling ascents with incredibly rewarding views from the Cameron summit! I continued on to Bross which is technically closed as it's a private peak, so out of respect I skipped the ascending trail which had a "closed" sign next to it. The descent down Bross was very, very challenging. If I were to do it again I'd do an out-and-back across Cameron and Lincoln and down the saddle between Lincoln and Democrat. The trail from Bross to the lot was incredibly steep and one section of about 1/2 a mile was chunky scree you essentially have to "surf" down. Overall the weather that day was terrific. Warm and mostly sunny with a tiny micro "blizzard" that passed over. Even in August it helped to have warm gear!

Heads up - tried to hike on Wednesday October 19 and there was a sign for closures on Wednesdays and Thursdays due to trail overuse.

2 days ago

I loved this hike! Although it was cold and extremely windy, my gf and I had an awesome time. Tons of amazing views throughout. We'll be back!

2 days ago

It's a beautiful trail, but a bit crowded over the weekend, as I've come to expect of most Boulder trails.

3 days ago

Parking can be tricky. Very easy trail to hike, but a good challenge if mountain biking. Popular trail - lots of traffic. Great views of the Snowmass Wilderness peaks from the summit.

Convenient parking/easy access. Very good for a quick exercise. Great views of Mt. Sopris and Carbondale from the Mushroom Rock.

My pups love this trail. It has a good mix of sceneries and I love the waterfall on the back end trail.

Went for a sunrise hike in this trail in early November. Pretty cold and windy but great view at the top. Trail was covered in snow (the trail is basically a road) so we had to work around that. A bit more challenging above tree line. Give yourself 2 hours at least to get up.

Great trail to get acclimated to the altitude change if you are a traveler. It's tough at certain points but the waterfall at the end is worth it. I went on October 16 and by then all the aspen leaves had fallen. Looked like we were a week or two late for the falls colors. Still a nice trail though.


First part is hard but the hike is so worth it. Truly breathtaking!

Was a good day. A little windy and cool. But typical for this season. A long hike into some dense areas. A few areas were a little tough to climb, but not difficult. There are a couple of down trees blocking the path, but easily able to walk around it. You will be ascending in some areas and once you get to the lake it is all worth it.