steep and rocky but stunning views

Great and rewarding hike! Some parts were quite easy and others kicked the wind out of me. I have 2 active dogs and the trail had plenty of accessible water and shade for them. This is a great hike for active dogs, but not for the pups that don't hike regularly.
Follow the signs towards boulder creek/crater lakes, eventually you will see a trail marker for Roger's Pass.

8 days ago

Beautiful quick but somewhat steep hike.

Beautiful views. Loved the running water and the hut was amazing.

summit views that you could stare at all day!

Great scenic hike

Awesome trail marked well

17 days ago

Great local trail. Not much elevation gain, but there is a great waterfall at the end. The waterfall is small, but you can walk up to the two little ponds created by the waterfall. This is a great trail for running. It is also great for dogs as there is water the whole way. There is some parking further up, past the discovery trail and such, but I recommend getting your miles and just starting from the first trailhead. Good shade, and good vegetation.

Pretty hike.

17 days ago

Great hike- all the trails in this area are all very similar and great however the last mile push will be the most difficult. But it is a beautiful area and you will not be disappointed in the view at the end! Advice: always start your trails early, avoid afternoon storms, and loads of people on the trail with you.

steep and rocky but beautiful hike. We had 7 & 5 year old girls and they were able to do it but it was not easy for them. Stunning views!

This was a great family hike with spectacular views.

An easy/moderate hike with awesome views. A nice cabin with a restroom and a picnic table outside to take a break and enjoy the scenery toward the top.

Nice and easy to moderate. Pretty gentle the whole way. Great hike for beginner hikers or people who may be afraid of heights but still want great mountain views. Keep going on the trail that starts behind the Broome Hut and go for just a few minutes and you end up in a beautiful alpine meadow with wildflowers, a gurgling mountain stream, & gorgeous views.

An excellent hike, and not a very far drive from Boulder area. I'm sure it's more crowded on a weekend, but (on a Thursday - starting around 8:30am) we passed hardly anyone on the way up. A few campers at the top. More people on the way down, for sure.
You'll pass 2 lakes (one is a small pond, really; Roger's Pass is the other - both spectacular!) before Heart Lake, but it's not far after that!

Simple hike with little ponds. Nice picnic area along stream

1 month ago

Trail is right outside Winter Park. I would rate this trail as easy and then moderate for the last few hundred yards. No real vista to speak of, however there are several meadows along the way that are just gorgeous. Trail ends with a waterfall. This is a great trail for dogs, as there is water the whole way.