Great hike and excellent views. Windy at heart

10 days ago

This trail is a definite favorite! We hiked this with our 8 year old twins and they made it like champs! I don't see how people go up so fast. We stopped for air several times but also because of how amazing the views were! The creek area is just gorgeous with the snow and icy patches. Broome hut is awesome and the view from the top is very beautiful. Very cold wind up there so pack a scarf, beanie, gloves if you hang out at the picnic table at the top. Worth it!

Whew, what a climb for this very overweight flatlander. Proud to have made it to the top in 1 hour 40 minutes with lots of breathing breaks. Only took us 40 minutes to get down. Lived every minute of it. Only wildlife we saw was a group of college boys headed up as we headed down.

Really great hike! Lots of snow right now, but made everything remarkably beautiful. Make sure to get their in the morning to avoid the crowds in the afternoon.

For a person coming from the Southwest, this hike was not hard, but it was not easy. The challenge was the steady steepness of the trail - the majority of the hike was an incline, so it made the descent nice going down, but still can take a toll on the knees! This trail will get you huffing and puffing, and get your heart pumping big time, but the views are heavenly and majestic. I went Sept time, and there was only one other person, so I felt I had the mountains all to myself!!!! Breathtaking views. Even small patches of snow in certain spots...good to put in your Cantine or camelback!

23 days ago

This trail is beautiful! Great views of the creek, meadows and neighboring mountain sides along the way to the waterfall. Easy from the start but moderate for the last half of the trail. Be prepared to get your feet wet as you cross the creek a couple of times. Dog friendly and she loved it! Will definitely be back!

Fun hike if you are looking for one to finish fast. Took it up to Vasquez peak and then explored on top for about another hour. Nice view of the continental divide. I was up and down in 3 1/2 hours

24 days ago

Hike up steep and rises fast and steady. Views are amazing on the way up and at the hut.

This was our first major hike in CO. The best trail for a beginner backpack. you slowly creep up over 2k in elevation in four miles. We got to Rogers Pass lake by nightfall and set up camp. The views were spectacular in the morning. We then hiked to Heart lake which is less than a mile away. You can take the side trail on roger pass to get to the top of a small peak where the continental divide trail crosses. Beautiful scenery and places to camp. No permit needed. We started on a Sunday evening and saw little foot traffic the first day. By Tuesday there was a lot of traffic on the trail on our way back down. Would highly recommend this hike.

steep and rocky but stunning views

Great and rewarding hike! Some parts were quite easy and others kicked the wind out of me. I have 2 active dogs and the trail had plenty of accessible water and shade for them. This is a great hike for active dogs, but not for the pups that don't hike regularly.
Follow the signs towards boulder creek/crater lakes, eventually you will see a trail marker for Roger's Pass.

1 month ago

Beautiful quick but somewhat steep hike.

Beautiful views. Loved the running water and the hut was amazing.

summit views that you could stare at all day!

Great scenic hike

Awesome trail marked well