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trail locations for Silverton, Colorado

Amazing !! So worth it

7 days ago

Climbing straight up, pretty strenuous, beautiful lakes at the top. Amazingly blue.

9 days ago

Hard as a motha', but worth it in the end.

This was such a beautiful hike. There were flowing streams, crisp waterfalls, and steep terrain. I do think that the distance is off. I wore a tracker and we had traveled 2.7 miles by the time we arrived to the first lake, which is not the beautiful blue lakes. Then we trekked another 1.5 miles to get to the coral blue lake and there were more beyond that. So the hike out took almost 3 hours, with a snack break. The hike back took 2hours .

This is my favorite hike yet. Absolutely stunning. Very hard but worth every step. Definitely visit Island Lake as well.

Way harder than other "moderate" hikes we've done but it was a great hike!

21 days ago

Beautiful trail but very hard. Elevation gain and high altitude make it a challenge. Pack weight was around 55lbs.

off road driving
22 days ago

Easy drive but beautiful scenery.

Amazing views and would recommend going to island lake.

This is one of my favorite hikes. Recommend doing this hike in June or July in order to see the endless sea of spectacular wildflowers. As with all hikes or backpacking be prepared for sudden shifts in weather. The first time we packed this one it rained 14 hours straight.

1 month ago

I took me 1 hour to get from the parking lot to ice Lake my 1st time there jogging and power walking and 50 mins from ice lake to island lake and back down, got it on my sports tracker, Beast Mode, so freaking unreal, so lucky to do it after work and live so close enough to it, for sure will be doing it more.

1 month ago

My group hiked this in September. They also said the trailhead sign stating total miles was lower than it seemed. It was a difficult hike and there was a spot that was very steep and was at a high elevation which made it feel strenuous. Of course, very beautiful!

1 month ago

Great trail steep up from the trail but not bad. Nice to take the trail to and from the drop off. Easy to find trail and lots of water so no need to carry a big resovoir. Take a filter or tablets

it's a spiritual journey through the San Juan mountains. definitely an all day hyke. Beautiful scenery, truly breathtaking, even though I live here, it never gets old.

1 month ago

Windom peak was my first 14er. We rode the train from Silverton to the trailhead. Buy tickets in advance! Small town but free parking unlike Durango. Hiked to base camp - lots of sites but it can be crowded for a reason. So beautiful with many waterfalls and accessible water along the way. I carried 2 liters but could've gotten away with 1 bottle. We summitted Windom and saw how crazy the others looked so we went back to base camp in the rain and took a rest day the next day. Met amazing people and followed the creek for photography shots. The day after that we hiked out. The elevation is what makes this so hard. That and all the rocks you have to rock climb so put away those hiking sticks when you get past Twin Lakes. It was chilly at night dropping below 30 but we had enough gear and food. Lots of deer. Strangely we didn't see any mountain goats but heard they are normally so persistent that you have to pee on rocks and pack out #2 & all TP in bags that they give for free at the register box.

Great hike that follows a creek to the lakes. Small amount of bouldering. Took us about 3 hours.