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1 month ago

This was a nice incline for trail running, just enough of a challenge and like others said, you pass over several steams which are pretty. Pretty well maintained trail, but then again I'm not too picky, I hopped over one tree that has fallen but that's kind of part of the experience if you ask me haha. Anyway, I ran 3 miles in and ran into one couple who said it goes on for many miles further past that. I decided to stop 3 miles in as I was short on time to keep exploring. Great day hike! Be careful on the road in. Pike national forests roads are badly washed so my Subaru made it but it was slow going; 4WD vehicles went much faster.

We actually hiked to Elk Falls (not in AllTrails) which was 12 miles out and back. It was pretty easy hike, we even took my 9 yr old with no complaints! Started around 10am, finished at 530pm not very busy at all. Saw 3 coyotes on the road on the way up and tons of mule deer along the trail. We did get hailed on, had to hide under some trees, but the waterfall was beautiful. Volunteers did drive by twice during our hike. Great biking trails also!

Fun hike. Lots of areas of shade and exposure.

Close to Denver, gorgeous weather, beautiful views, and not much elevation gain. Great last minute decision to hike! Not very crowded, however, started around 9am. Started to get crowded as we left around 1pm. There is a "new" trail called Chimney Rock, veering left after the cabin and lake. This takes you to the base of the falls -- great lunch spot.

Easy short trail around lake

2 months ago

really nice trails, well kept. sweet single track. i would recommend this hike.

horseback riding
3 months ago

We had a wonderful ride. If you have a horse trailer, know that there are about 6 designated parking spots.

We did this trail, and added others making our ride just shy of 15 miles. Lots of little water crossings that are very rocky. The hikers and bikers were all very courteous.

3 months ago

Fun hike. A little busy, however not as bad as a lot of state parks in Colorado.

A very nice hike with several trails to combine together to make more of a loop then an out and back. There was a fair amount of bikers and a few horses on the trails.
The extra trail to the overlook has great views of the valley and the waterfall far on the otherside.
The park according to their website is adding new trails, including one to the base of the waterfall.

Spectacular hike. Well marked and well kept trails. Numerous loop options.
I was on the trail by 7:30am and it was very quiet. Lots of solitude. Plus a pervasive aroma of pine. Shade dominated until 10:30. Then the sun prevailed. Large sections are open to the sun, so be prepared. A mid-day summer hike would be harsh.
My loop measured 11.5 miles in 4:24. Expect mountain bikes and horses. The trails are reasonably wide so the fast moving traffic didn't bother me.
$7 to enter, but worth it. A great place!

4 months ago

Arrived around 9am, and there were very few people on the trail. Wild raspberries everywhere right now, and lots of wildflowers. The trail was well-maintained and not very challenging.

I was pleasantly surprised with this trail. A moderate hike with most of the up hill on the way out. If I did it again I wouldn't hike all the way up to the falls. Yes it's a beautiful view but I was really disappointed with how far the falls were away. If you are hiking it to see a water fall don't waste your time. If you love scenic views and enjoy long hikes then sure go for it. I was amazed at how many people hike out this far without adequate gear. We are in Colorado people always be prepared.

easy trail next to river