Gorgeous hike ! A lot of it is incline which was really tough for me . I honestly was disappointed in the lost lake but enjoyed the hike,trees and waterfall on the way up . Highly recommend !!

Beautiful! Exactly what we came to Colorado to find.

3 days ago

Beautiful views, especially with the aspens turning yellow! The lake is definitely mostly drained. There is some water and you can tell it is a lake, but it is pretty low. A lot of the stream along the trail has also dried up too. Still beautiful though. Got there around 7:30am on a Thursday morning and there were three other cars there. When we got back to the car around 1:30pm parking was full and on our way down around 11am we saw a ton of people. Several people said they saw 4 moose! We made sure to keep our dog close because of this and leashed as he should be. Never saw any moose though. If you park in the white lines it's not so bad on a 4 door small car. But if you have to go further up for parking the road can be tough. Lots of pot holes and boulders to drive over. Our friend recommended going one more mile to Devil's thumb lake, but we were tired and content with Jasper. He said it's beautiful at Devil's thumb. Tracked our mileage from the parking lot and round trip it said we did 11.8 miles.

Pretty hike. Starts at Brainard lake which is beautiful in itself. I suggest going all the way up to Blue lake--not too much farther

Crowded because it's pretty. Gorgeous waterfalls and creek the entire way.

Beautiful creek the entire way up. Some gorgeous waterfalls. And it's not too long! Go early because it will be packed. I suggest spring hikes because of the amount of water. We tried to get to Woodland Lake but there was too much snow; we got lost and had to turn back.

Absolutely beautiful hike the entire way. I love the foliage in Nederland. The lakes at the top were glass when I was there and you could do your make up looking in them if you needed.

Wonderful hike and not too difficult. The water is gorgeous. I highly suggest it.

We were very happy with this trail! We had no problem parking at 1pm on a Thursday, and brought a big group. Easy hike with a bit of a more moderate incline over rocks in the last quarter mile. The views get better and better the farther in you are. Breathtaking and euphoric. Little downward stream midway through the hike that's gorgeous to take photos near. Lake was mostly drained because it's September (I believe they drain it at the end of august every year to provide water to the nearby towns), and it was still incredibly beautiful. Gorgeous time of year to come (Sept 22- first day of fall!)

Went on a cloudy day but was still a great hike. Because of clouds and middle of week, it was not busy. The aspens on the drive to the trailhead were beautiful. Above tree line, views were great.

This was a great hike. One of my favorites so far this year. The scenery is beautiful, we saw several people on the trail later in the morning, but it was quiet early. We did run into several moose in the upper ponds before the lake at the top.
Would recommend a sturdy hiking show because of the rockiness, but I would agree that it is a moderate hike, not hard. It took us about 2.5-3 hours round trip. We did linger to watch the moose for some time.

4 days ago

Love this hike! There is a nice little waterfall spot to stop and take in/eat about half way to the top. It is also, one of the most breathtaking views I have experienced once I reached the lake.

Beautiful hike and even scenic by Colorado standards.
Moderate is a good rating and you should hike to the upper lakes of this trail as well. Really enjoyed it!

Hiked this one in the snow - Doable without snowshoes but would recommend Micros.

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5 days ago

Easy Hike- Great views at the top- saw Moose on the trail and off in the water hiking up

5 days ago

Nice easy hike w/o a lot of elevation gain, but still has plenty of pay offs. Brought the dogs in on a Tuesday around 8 & the trail was ours. Not even a car in the lot. When we got back to the trailhead we passed the only other hikers we saw.

Beautiful trail! Don't be fooled by the sign at the trailhead which has the Diamond Lake Trail and Diamond Lake broken down as 2 miles and 1 mile. This is truly a 3 mile one way hike to the lake.

Make sure to have supportive hiking boots for your ankles. We wore our more comfortable hiking shoes and slipped/ twisted our ankles a couple times descending. Overall a great trail that has beautiful waterfalls along the way!