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trail locations for Lyons, Colorado

Weather was great! some steep incline to the lookout point, but worth it!

trail running
18 days ago

This is a beautiful trail with a wide variety of ecosystems. It is a gradual incline with great river and mountain views scattered throughout. There are a few technical sections but nothing too crazy. This is also a great hiking trail for the family. My kids love it!

enjoyed nighthawk trail. no bikes or dogs... a few horses and not crowded. nice view. not strenuous. then had a well earned lunch in Lyons

Beautiful hike but a lot of bikes

Overall good hike. Trail is still closed, but the area is beautiful.

Fairly easy trail to hike with decent views. It's nothing spectacular but a nice hike nonetheless.

1 month ago

Closed, Schmosed!

Yes, it is closed because the main bridge is out at the first crossing over the Little Tom. Fortunately, after about June or so, the water is low and slow enough that you can easily cross over to hit the rest of the trail. In terms of the trail itself, some volunteer work was performed on at least part of the trail in 2014 and a new pedestrian bridge was built over the second Little Tom crossing, thereby clearing the path for resumption of hiking.

Hiked much of it yesterday (encountered some poison ivy and decided to turn around past a certain point, so I didn't make it to the homesteads) and what I hiked looked great, so much so that I'll go back once the ivy has been frosted over and killed.

Disclaimer: The trail is officially closed, as the signs indicate, so I cannot officially recommend accessing it. This review is for entertainment/informational purposes only. I was never here.

on Homestead Meadows

1 month ago

Thus trail is great once you get to the off leash areas. A climb over the hill. a couple of hard to spot the trail among the rock but do able and my dogs just love it. they run and climb and explore the mountain. I follow their lead and found some interesting views I would not have found otherwise. Wish I know of more places like this as me dog are not only very content when we could me home but also very tired. Good puppies.

Nice hike. The most cool thing is an dog leash area (not really common thing on trails).

A good family hike

This is not a trail...this is a random path someone took that will get you lost, injured or killed. Even with the GPS I couldn't follow the trail because it wasn't a trail.

Good trail, easy-moderate 4 mile hike (we hiked up to the lake from below, so 4.5 mi). 1.5 miles or so on dirt road, so not optimal. We did the loop plus short huff up to the reservoir in about 2:30hrs including one break. It's not hiking the Grand Tetons or Maroon Bells, but the description doesn't lie and we enjoyed it.

off road driving
1 month ago

Had a little trouble locating the trail as it seems like it is someone's driveway. If you follow the directions this app will give you, turn into the little group of houses that it ends you at and keep following the middle path, this is the trailhead. Trail was fairly narrow in the beginning for my fj cruiser but I made it just fine. Any vehicles wider than an fj would have scratches down the side. Trail opens up after the first bit. The first bit was a great ride but I had to give up since the trail got too hard for my fj (I have a 2.5 inch lift, mud tires, an aftermarket bumper, and aftermarket suspension). I'm sure if you had the guts and a good guide telling you where to place your tires you would be fine. The trail is overall beautiful, well kept, and a fun ride.

If you have a vehicle with decent clearance then bypass the road hike. The trail itself is mainly loose gravel but pretty easy going. The trail is still closed about 2 miles from the trailhead.

Beautiful trail. The way in is mostly down hill so conserve energy for way back. Beautiful meadows and wild raspberries are everywhere. My fingers are red. Recommend this hike to all. Careful on downhills its dry dirt with some wash out. Can be a little dangerous for small kids without proper shoes. Pack in water you will need it for way back. Great hike. Absolutely beautiful vistas. Others have bypassed the closure two miles in. Not recommended to go off trail but with good gps and some knowledge of trail hiking the closure can be bypassed and you can go through to button rock.

Nice and easy trail. Parking has been easy to find.

on Homestead Meadows

1 month ago

Took the connector trail from Hermit Park Open Space. Explored several old homesteads and a sawmill. The best part of the outing was seeing the homestead ruins and getting a little history lesson along the way from the interpretive signs. Didn't see anyone else on the trail the entire time I was there. Hiked a total of 9.2 miles and could've gone a lot farther but had time constraints. The inclines were mild. In several areas, the trails were somewhat overgrown and not well maintained.