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Saw a lot of dogs, there is a lot of trail so you can do the amount you like. Very busy.

Did this hike on a Friday- the trail was surprisingly busy, but considering how close to town it is, I guess that makes sense.
The Backbone is a neat geological formation, and in October the layers of autumn colors are very pretty.
We were fortunate that it was overcast for our whole hike- not a lick of shade on the entire trail, so if you hike it in the summer be prepared for the heat.
Overall it was a pleasant hike and a great option for those wanting a nice hike without having to drive far out of town.

We love this easy trail. Great for quick bike ride too !

fun trail. 1 mile climbing above the canyon road the beautiful scenery.

It was a pretty area but there wasn't much of a defined trail. I was hoping to complete a loop around the lake but wasn't able to.

I took really long and strenuous hike's in Estes Park all week so I was looking for something easy and relaxing. Happy I found this spot.

It's a really easy, relatively short route. I sat next to the Lake towards the end and read a book and just enjoyed the scenery.

Be Advised: You will need a one day parking permit which will cost you 7$.

There are a number of continuous trails to Devil's Backbone. To the south of the starting area is Morrison Loop which is wheelchair accessible and about .8 miles. Starting to the north is Keyhole or Wild Loop which is the popular hike of about 2.6 miles. From there it is up to you on length. Starting at Wild Loop and going to the end is around 11 miles. Taking the longer loop portions back make it about 24 miles. Plan on encountering bikes.

There is a summit and a nature trail. Took the nature trail today, just 1 mile each way. Nice and leisurely; good for kids. Awesome rock house lookout at the top with nice views of the river and canyon.

The keyhole was amazing!

Just want to warn all hikers that this trail will be closed for repairs and maintenance on October 17, 2016 until June of 2017. The City of Loveland is planning some needed maintenance of the trail head and will be closing this trail in the fall. If you need additional information on the closure - visit www.Cityofloveland.org/trails.

Happy hiking until October 17th! Please don't trespass - it's for your own safety!

1 month ago

Nice leisurely hike in Loveland. There is no shade on the trail so I would advise bringing water if it's warm outside. The keyhole offers great views even with a neighborhood to the west.

on Pinewood Lake Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful day - loved the variety of plants and birds, smell of pine. quiet and peaceful - although dozens of people were on the reservoir fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, I didn't encounter a single person on the trail. the first portion on the Shoshone trail is moderately strenuous uphill, but after that things planned out around the reservoir. Great place to stretch your legs, enjoy the scenery, and fill your senses

Nice trail especially in the spring for the wildflowers. Get up close and personal to the geological formation called a hogback. Close to town. But watch out for rattlesnakes!

I used this trail to build up to mountain hiking. Good trail not to busy and plenty of climb.

we almost missed the parking lot driving up-it's hidden on the side and not well marked! the summit trail is moderate-difficult, a lot of rocks and steep elevation gain! our kids hiked 2 miles up and then wanted to turn back. we later tried the nature trail which was great for the kiddos! a short, easy hike (age 5 and 8 loved it)

2 months ago