Wow! Beautiful views, wild flowers, and a stunning lake at the end.

It's pretty long, which can make it difficult. But definitely a great hike if you want to get to Colorado's roof. If you drive up the night before, make sure to stop in the field just past Leadville to look at the stars

If you are looking to fish the timberline lake just know it is flies only, catch and release. Beautiful lake.

We've hiked this trail twice - August 2015 and Sept 2016. The August hike was green and filled with wildflowers, and Timberline Lake itself is quite scenic. We passed through a few marshy spots in addition to creek crossings. This September felt like such a different hike -- too late for wildflowers but pretty fall-colored ground cover. The trees are mostly evergreen, so no Aspen yellow but still pretty. Our group rated the trail easy to moderate, depending on fitness level.

11 days ago

Loved hiking up this 14er. The little mine site is cool to walk through as the trail meanders up to the ridge. One of my favourites!

Wow. What a hike and views . Loved it

Beautiful views on the trail. however it's not a very well marked out trail by any means. Trailhead nor route is clearly marked and we briefly wandered off trail multiple times.
Not a very strenuous hike by any means.

17 days ago

Like always, START EARLY. We started at 530 a.m. and were lucky to pass a few groups ahead of us to reach the summit first. Slippery with fresh snow after you get above tree line. Three false summits, cold & windy.

18 days ago

Great trek. I prefer the climb from the West side (Iowa Gulch)

Beautiful views from the summit, and multiple 13ers close by you can easily get to from the top. We hiked over to one to get away from the crowds (which were pretty relentless like most easy access 14ers). Hike was relatively easy if you're used to the elevation, as parking is over 12,000 ft. Pretty cool mining ruins to check out on the way up.

19 days ago

Excellent trail up one side of the mountain and back down to the lake. Very peaceful and not too crowded with awesome views!

Great 14er, awesome summit

26 days ago

Definitely worth the climb. Can be a little tougher for those not accustomed to hiking. But the end result is worth it!

Amazing views, easy to get to, a nice little walk through the woods

1 month ago

Man that trail was a beast. You do all that elevation in about .5 a mile. Decent fishing. I'd totally do it again