Best Trails near Georgetown, Colorado

4 reviews

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on Saxon Mountain Trail
2 months ago


Definitely a long hike. It is a service road that is extremely rocky. Worth the time to take it to the top.

on Bard Creek Trail
2 years ago


Had to park about 3.5 miles short of the trailhead, as CR 252 was very much 4WD only. The walk up the jeep road was interesting in its own right, with some rustic properties and mines to ogle, as well as aspen trees and the creek to enjoy. The Bard Creek trail started out an easy walk through deep pine forest, often near to the stream with occasional meadows and aspen groves. Nearing the top of the valley, it then ascends steeply to the right on a trail that needs little more definition and clearing in places. Beautiful views, with Bard Peak beckoning ahead. I stopped at a cascading creek, however, as there wasn't an easy crossing to be had with the high runoff (and an avalanche snowfield to contend with on the other side). This was about 3 miles from the trailhead.

on Saxon Mountain Trail
4 years ago

off road driving

Not really that easy, LOTS of rocks, in fact we didn't finish and turned around.